Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Man

I wasn't going to do a birthday post for you, this year. I reasoned that I've already said everything I could possibly say about you. Really, how many blog posts need to be dedicated to my love for you and your magnificence? One more, apparently.

We've had a lot of changes around here lately. Life changes, heart changes, parenting changes, all for the positive. It started with you making the statement, "I ask myself, who is more important, them or me? The answer will always be them."

That statement right there is why I can overlook so much.

The jacket on the back of the couch; different jackets, different days, but always a jacket on the back of the couch. The clothes pile on your side of the bed. The shaving mess you leave not in the sink, but around the faucets. The driving slow thing. The leaving dishes on the counter next to the sink instead of placing them in to the sink. Lots of sink related stuff. That you can be a complete turd when you're tired. Case in point:
taking pictures of a man that has to go in to work four hours early for pure nonsense is bound to get you a grumpy face. Duly Noted.

Someone asked me the other day how long we've been together. It's fun to see people try to figure out how old we are. It worked, though, didn't it? You're the one. You'll always be the one.

I love that you are 100% committed to the important stuff. You don't back down and more than that, you initiate. If someone says an offhanded remark at work, especially concerning your God, you don't let them get away with it. You confront when the tendency nowadays is to ignore or overlook. You stand firm in the Truth.
Red Light, Green Light with ours+2. The picture isn't anything special, other than that it shows you playing with our kids, living your statement.

You don't let many things define you and One is more important than all the rest. For you, it's about Seeking and not wasting time on the distractions that most let in. I thank God for that. I appreciate your willingness to debate. I love that you know what you know what you know, but are willing to listen to the other side of things, while still standing strong in your own beliefs. I love that you know when to compromise and when there's just no room for it. I love that you answered, "slightly opposed." I appreciate your quirks and tendencies after all these years, but I really love it when you crack. To have you acknowledge my hilarity or to get a true, genuine smile out of you is what keeps my trigger finger still.

A few years ago, I ended your birthday blog post with, "Added to that, there's no one in this entire world I'd rather my babies look like."

I'd like to alter that statement this year to:

Added to that, there's no one in this entire world I'd hope my babies turn out like.

Happy 31.


Corey said...

Happy Birthday Sean!

Jude said...

dear Sean, thank you for being a great husband to one of my dearest friends. Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sean!-Niki

nicole said...

awww. sweet post chrissy!
and happy birthday sean!

Brown English Muffin said...

I wish I could write a post like this about my husband. But I just couldn't...I focus wayyy to much on what he doesn't do than what he does do. Or is it that he just doesn't do so there's nothing to focus on! LMAO

I shouldn't laugh really it's quite sad! LOL

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sean!

Dettao said...

The dishes thing, is it a universal man thing or what? Same argument at my house has been going on for over 30 years. Put it in the sink, will ya, dude.

Happy Birthday, Sean