Friday, February 04, 2011

Snow Day

I can't say I'm not embarrassed to post these, but just in case we're ever stationed somewhere with real snow, I want to remember today.

The accumulation:
Not even enough to really make a snow angel, but he sure did try.
Our snow boots:
 Yes, the cowboy boots did make an appearance as snow gear, once again. Simon was crying when it was all said and done b/c of how badly his toes hurt. :(
 And Chucks. More high-tops than boots, but what is one to do when faced with such weather conditions?
Not a fan:
 He did eventually start to have fun once I put socks on his hands.
 Very much fans:
 Yep, those are food prep gloves, busted out by the neighbor. At least they kept our hands dry...
 The neighbor scraping up snow balls with beach toys.

 Red faced. I don't know how people deal with the cold on a daily basis. I really, honestly can not fathom.
Coming in for hot chocolate and "DAKE!" Forks optional, of course.
 Sweeping the crumbs off the table. As we all know, crumbs are icky. Icing all over the face, though, that's perfectly fine.
 Anybody care to guess just how many baby wipes it took to clean him+the table up?
This yahoo, more intent on sucking mini marshmallows through a straw than finishing his piece, decided to give him his leftover icing after I had him clean...
With the blue wiped away and a new shade of red added, I got, the Joker:

That was only our first hour of the day.

After that it was neighborhood friends over to play. Then to their house. They back to our house. Then over to another friends for dinner. Fried asparagus, fried mushrooms, fried oysters, chicken wings(deep fried, of course), fried cheese, venison corn dogs, fried pickles, complete with homemade dipping sauces aplenty, yum yum yum. All made by our favorite chef Byron. While I can actually feel my arteries weeping in my chest, I just now realized that "fried" is only one letter shy of "friend." Doesn't that just seem like it belongs on a Hallmark card? Maybe like a, "Wishing you well after your double bypass" card.

My heart is almost as full as my belly tonight. Today was just one of those days. I love these people that surround me. Even  Especially the ones I have to clean up after.


Dettao said...

Bring those boys down. It is still 6 inches deep in my yard. (rolling eyes here)

Corey said...

There's something very amusing about scooping very tiny bits of snow with beach toys. LOL! If it wasn't on the cars in the pictures, I'd think it was just frost :P
Sounds like an awesome day...snow, hot cocoa AND cupcakes?! Those boys have it made!

Jude said...

these are awesome pics! I am guessing 12 on the wipes, you are a seasoned vet, but that was a lot of icing ;)

nicole said...

the photos cracked me up chrissy! love your resourcefulness on using food prep gloves and cowboy boots :)

Brown English Muffin said...

wow I never really thought about what you warm weather people would have to go through when the world went upside down and gave you snow....