Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: 1Feb

1. February is a big month around here. We have promotions and birthdays galore. Not to mention a Hallmark Holiday in which both husband and wife are on the same continent.

2. I folded no less than 18,000 articles of clothing today. The washing and drying I don't mind as the machine does a good bit of the work. It is the sorting and folding and separating and organizing and putting away myself since my children will undo several hours of my spring cleaning...ew.

3. During my laundry process, I always, without a doubt, will sing at least one chorus through of the Neverending Story. The only problem is that I don't know any of the words to the song beyond, "The Neverending stooooo-O-ry." If you have absolutely no clue what I am speaking of when I mention the Neverending Story, please remove yourself from my blog page and go back to listening to Justin Beiber.

4. Sean pins on Captain tomorrow. Hello, pay raise.

5. I didn't want to do his pinning on at the hospital b/c the break room tends to fill up with moochers who are only there for the free food. We're having it at Mimi's Cafe instead. Yummy breakfast+cake after the ceremony...sounds good to me. If you're local, come on out. I've posted the details on FB.

6. On his last day of being an LT, he got this:
You should be able to click to enlarge so you can read all the wonderful accolades. He was a little bummed b/c he actually ended up assisting a lot more patients after this award was submitted for approval, by the time his deployment was up. That's just superfluous in my mind and he should be proud of himself for getting such a medal.

7. I wanted a picture of him with his paper(since they took the medal back that they presented to him at the ceremony) and got less than stellar shots of the tired man. I said, "Could you be any less enthused?" and this is the resulting face I got, to which he added, "You better not post that on your blog." Silly man, doesn't know me at all.  
8. The afro-mentioned man above made a remark the other day that released a Spring Cleaning beast from within. He woke up to a couch blocking the stairs, a mattress needing a new home and an easel none of my neighbors are willing to take. LOTS of garbage bags full of clothes and toys and papers and junk. I have reorganized many a cupboard and revamped all the rooms that house children. Even the boy's clothes drawers are organized. I guess it hasn't been a huge priority to find a home for every little thing as housing always feels somewhat temporary to us. We like it here, though, and will stay in this house as long as the AF leaves us in this city. The next room I tackle, the office. It's an office/scrapbook arena/storage area/toy capturer so it's going to take some time to figure out what isn't working and how to fix it.

9. We've been hitting up some antique stores around here lately. We inherited a teak dining room table a couple years ago, but no chairs. I want to do the random chairs thing, but just can't find any that we love. Of all the antique stores we've visited, I've come to the conclusion that as gross as the flea market is, it's just the better place to go. I found several things that I bought there in these swanky antique stores for double, sometimes triple, the price.

10. I love Wednesdays. Bible study and LifeGroup, spending time discussing my favorite topic with awesome friends.


jessica said...

who is justin beiber?

Corey said...

1. what are your valentine's plans? we never do anything.
2. I'll be in this boat today too. it never goes away!
3. LOL! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about :D
4. YAY!!
5. have fun!!
6. That is so awesome!
7. The pic cracks me up. so funny
8. Oh I need to do this. I did our office/homeschool room, but the kids rooms need to be gone through.
9. I wish I knew of a good place to go around here...
10. have a great Wednesday!

nicole said...

congrats to sean. have a great time celebrating today!!

Jude said...

congrats to Sean! :) I LOL at the picture with the cheesy grin.
i need to purge... big time. I just find sitting with a cup of tea and a good book much more enjoyable!

Brown English Muffin said...

Our wooden dining table has random chairs around it as well. I think there are 6 chairs and 3 sets that match...if that makes sense.

We got the ENTIRE set table and chairs at at yard sale for $25!!! The table is about 5 inches thick...I don't think they make real wood tables that thick any more!