Monday, February 28, 2011

to remember

2/15/10: Simon tells me on the way home from school, "Mommy, I really love Sydney. I don't really think I love Julia anymore." Be still my heart, that boy is loyal. Julia is a combination girl he went to Kindergarten with in Charlotte/girl from last year. He has morphed them into one being and has remained loyal despite the miles/rezoning, coupled with the fact that he'll never see either Julie/Julia ever again. Sydney must be somethin' pretty special. And love? He's always been a "liker."

**I met this Sydney child and watched her from afar during a fieldtrip to the zoo. I do not approve. She is a little snot. Such a snot, in fact, that I must share a story. We walked by her group at the zoo and she was arm in arm with another little girl that is the cutest thing ever and Simon only said hello to Sydney. The other, nicer little girl gives Simon a sarcstic, "Hello! Can't you say hi to me? Don't you even see me?" Sydney comes back with, "He's saying hi to me, because he has a crush on me." I'm pretty sure she saw the look of disgust on my face.

This story is even worse. Simon was playing Hangman with this...girl. She was the puzzler, Simon the guesser. He said he didn't even have to guess a single letter, he figured the puzzle out right away, " I hate you." I was pretty appalled. He said she was just joking, that she always jokes like that. I suppose with the number of blanks, it could've been, "I love or like you," and she just got embarrassed? Either way, she's not funny.

Mr. T
+absolutely hates to have his teeth brushed
+will shout, "Mommy, EAT! Mommy, EAT!" if I mention food or ask if he's hungry. I've learned not to ask unless we're within three minutes of consuming.
+his relatively new thing at bedtime after finishing our ritual of "I love yous" and tuck ins is to say, "Bye" as we close the door.
+insists on going "Po-ee" only before his last diaper change at night, right before bedtime. He's yet to actually pee, but I assume we'll get there eventually.
+is constantly moving chairs around the kitchen to get up to whatever he wants to see
+will stop freaking out if we take him outside. Playing outdoors cures all of his ails.
+loves books. LOVES books.
+is noticing trucks of all sizes, "MOMMY, CHA! Mommy, CHAAAAA!"
+mimics sirens when he hears them, or when I really, really want silence in my world
+loves to have his shoes on
+loves Susannah and runs for the door screaming for her anytime our door alarm beeper thingy goes off
+thinks all moms with babies are Susannah
+loves "Nana baby"
+is somewhat evil at least 35% 85% of the time. For instance, he'd been riding Felix's case pretty hard one particular day. We had a picnic on the living room floor for lunch. I told him after he'd gotten up and tried to step on Felix's plate, dump chips out of the bag and just run around in general that if he got up again, he was going to take a nap. He tested. He ran around the back of Felix and as I was saying, "Alright, let's go." he started rubbing the top of F's head all sweet like. He's rub and pat F's hair gently and lean in and rest his head against Felix's, all while maintaining eye contact with me. As if to say, "I dare you to break up this moment of brotherly love." It escalated. He was rubbing Felix's head and hugging harder and harder to the point of head butting him. Felix thought it was hilarious, so this continued for a few minutes. Finally, T steps back, waits just half a beat from a sweet show of affection and just smacks the crap out of the back of Felix's head. I lost all credibility, it was hilarious{F was fine btw, he thought it was funny, too).
+has the sweetest sweet tooth ever. It is ridiculous.
+loves a ball. Any kind, any size.

It kills me to think about this boy going to school all day, every day next year. I was watching videos of a two year old Felix the other day and my mind couldn't comprehend that child. I'd forgotten his little voice. I am having a hard time this week with my kids growing up. The older they get, the faster it goes.

Walking home this morning from dropping off Simon, I had one of those, "I love my life" moments. I have them a lot actually. This weekend was just packed full of goodness. We had friends over for Peru Night and my heart was full. We met up with friends for an impromptu trip to the park and dinner and my heart was full. Just walking through my neighborhood makes me happy. I have two dozen roses sitting on my counter right now from a friend. I've been walking by them the last few days just smiling. It's a good feeling to know people care about you.

I've been really thinking about all the changes to come this year. I can't believe it's already March. I've been thinking about our wants and needs and trying to figure out where life is headed. For now, I'll take it as it comes and try to soak up all that life has to offer.

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Jude said...

I laughed out loud at the crossed of 35%... ;) and yes, I wrote laughed out loud, because i know your dislike of the letters LOL ;)