Tuesday, March 29, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. My kids are watching Davy Crockett as I type. Last week, we watched Swiss Family Robinson. I so love not having cable. I can't remember the last time my kids sat down to watch tv.

2. The same kids that starred in Old Yeller were also in Swiss Family Robinson. Were there no child actors in the days of yore?

3. My paid photo shoot for perfect strangers went quite well. I've got enough of a portfolio going that I'm not embarrassed to entertain the idea of a business any more. On the flip side, I'm not entirely committed to the idea of a business either. I kinda like just farting around with my camera. I don't want stress or money to kill that interest.

4. A friend of mine has this cookie recipe on her blog. I must warn you, these cookies are like crack. I make sure I always have real butter on hand for this recipe. The dough is the kind you think about, dream about, want about at all times.

5. Titus and I surprised Simon for lunch today. Watching the little kids leave the lunchroom, I had the thought, "I wonder if they{the teachers}can pick out the bad ones." Seeing all their seemingly innocent faces, you have to wonder where/when things go wrong. Like this.

6. Another thing I noticed while dining with my boy, kids are big these days. There was one little girl that I couldn't make eye contact with. She looked like she coulda cleaned my clock. The girl's bra, clearly showing through her Hello Kitty shirt, was not in training and I'm positive it was further in the alphabet than mine. What are they feeding these kids?

7.High fructose corn syrup
Genetic Modifications

There's a start.

8. After reading the dye article, I discovered two of the "known human carcinogens" in my Vitamin C. Of course I bought the big bottle from Costco. Sean fired off a lovely email to NatureMade. Lesson learned, don't buy vitamins from big box stores.

9. We've started a tomato plant. Next up is bell peppers & cucumbers. It's my first step toward becoming Amish. I find myself saying, "If all else fails, we'll move to Shipshewana." an awful lot lately. For instance, yesterday on the bread aisle, while looking for bread void of high fructose corn syrup.

10. I'm off to hide in my underground bunker.


Jude said...

do you want to start a commune? ;)

Corey said...

Lets be Amish and pioneers together! LOL! A commune isn't a bad idea ;)
I make fun of 'hippies' quite a bit....i live 5 minutes from Berkeley there are hippies a-plenty around here! But honestly, the ideas aren't half bad. Just don't make me wear clothes made out of jute, or wear my hair in dreads.
Re: high fructose corn syrup...so do you have a Trader Joes in SA? I'm still new at this, but from what I understand, none of their products contain it. I'm not positive about that but it's what I heard.

Dr. L said...

My Sara Lee Whole Wheat bread doesn't have any high fructose corn syrup in it, but I'm not sure what else it may. I'd have to look. Be on the look out for corn sugar, cane syrup, and agave syrup as well. It's all bad actually. Sugar is SUGAR!

Dr. L said...

I just looked. It's the Sara Lee brand that says Soft & Smooth. That line doesn't have HFCS or artificial colors/flavors.

hippo chick said...

I have to comment on your photo business: GO FOR IT!!! You are highly talented.

~hippo hugs~

Brown English Muffin said...

I would LOVE to cut off our cable...I mean don't get me wrong I'm the one with the biggest list of things to record on our DVR but that's only because it's there....I would cut our cable off in a minute!!! But my husband would have a fit!!! When my daughter asks me what my favorite movie is...it's always the old classics like...Annie, and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks!!!

God provided all the vitamins we need in the food we eat...through those vitamins away!!! I hardly every remember to take my womens multi vitamin and I think there's a reason for it!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Dr. L is agave nectar bad for you? I thought it was one of the better sugar replacements???