Friday, March 04, 2011

all American

Today, I saw a picture of a redheaded little girl with giant blue eyes and my brain thought, "I want one." without my heart even prompting it.

Today, Felix wore a hand-me-down of Simon's. Once upon a time, it was Simon's favorite, wear-it-til-it-stands-by-itself shirts.

Today, Titus wore a hand-me-down of Felix's that I bought in LA when I was pregnant with him(T, not F). Talk about coming full circle. A big, fat, sad, my babies are growing up waaaaaaaaay too fast circle.

Today, we went to the outlets and got a few outfits and followed it up with a lunch date+1 at Johnny Rockets. I came to the realization the other day that some of Sean's clothes were bought pre-kids. I'm a bargin shopper to begin with, so many of his old, faded shirts were probably super cheap, too. The man does not want to spend money on clothes. Ever. I decided he was getting clothes one way or the other and it was up to him if he wanted to help pick 'em. I also decided cheap (Old Navy & Target) is out when it comes to him if he plans to make his wardrobe span a decade. Banana Republican(I said it one day and it stuck), J Crew and Puma. I love me some Puma shoes for my boys. I reaaaaaaaaally love me some discounted Puma shoes for my boys. I wanted to hit the Ed Hardy store on the way out, but something tells me Sean won't go for glitter, jewels and/or sequins. Ed might be just a bit flashy for him.

Today, I got my haircut. I won't really know just how much she chopped until I wear it curly. It needed it, SA water is killing my hair.
Today, I came home to find my child that has refused to even think about trying to ride a two-wheeler,
up on two wheels.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Three days ago he was barely pedaling his bike with training wheels. He has too many other options of things to ride that require no effort. Lo and behold, Simon dragged his redneck creation from the backyard and Feefs said, "Let me try." Sean put his hand on the back of the seat to guide him and he took off on his own before he could get a boost.
As I pulled into the drive way, home from getting my trim, I thought, "Surely that's not Felix. Be still my unused womb." I never thought that boy would want to ride a two wheeler.

To celebrate, we took a family bike ride. At dusk. A bit ambitious. Especially since everybody was home from work{i.e. parked in the street} and it's recycling day so there were trash bins everywhere.

It felt like we were playing Paperboy. I kept saying, "Get up on the sidewalk. Watch out for the trashcan! Car coming. Keep pedaling! Don't fall off the curb. Watch the mailboxes!"
Tonight, we had leftover meatloaf for dinner.

Smiling back over the events of the day, I felt so all American.


Kolt and Susannah said...

I'm no help. I want you to have a little girl too! lol. But honestly, I don't care if she's a girl, I just really think you want/need another one. Another child on the planet that is lucky enough to call you mom just seems right. If Sean's not on board though, you're welcome to borrow Leila any time you want!

Corey said...

you would have the most darling little girl! is sean sure he's done? LOL! I love your hair...i think the length is just perfect on you :)
And YEAH Felix!!! That's awesome. I feel like I've deprived Megan a little...poor thing doesn't even have a bike with training wheels to ride on :(

Corey said...

BTW..if you guys ever come to Travis, they have really, really good outlet stores over there! I've been aching to stop the last few times I've been up that way.
Just ya know...if you needed another incentive ;)

nicole said...

yay felix!!! and really are you even old enough to remember the game paperboy?! :) funny though to think about that game...wouldn't you love to play that again.

Aron said...

I wholeheartedly agree that you need a red-headed baby girl. I think I do too, though. ;) And Way to go, Felix!!! =)

Brown English Muffin said...

Banana Republican is my favorite store in the world for clothes....I can't afford J Crew!!! LOL

I want to get Big C on the two wheeler this year, she said the same thing as F, that she'd rather ride a scooter!! When did these kids get so many options!!! LOL

hippo chick said...

I have a red headed little girl who is 37 and she still lights up my life.

Love the pics of the boys. I had a reluctant bike rider too, but once she learned we had lots of family fun.

As for clothes. Are all men like that? Jim NEVER wants to buy new things. I tell him it reflects on me to be seen with someone so shabby.

~hippo hugs~