Thursday, March 17, 2011

Answered questions

I never answered my own questions, so here ya go...

1.Your mother is flying in for a week to watch your kids so you and the Other can go on vacation. With no kids. Let me be clear...a vacation with your spouse ONLY. Where do you go?

**We have finally decided after a LOT of back and forth, we're going to Boston. I wanted the West Coast, but with the threat of radiation poisoning...eastward sounds a bit safer.

2. Kids are asleep, husband is at work and you can feel it in your bones that you're going to be able to stay awake yourself beyond 9 pm. What do you do?

**In the past, my answer would've been scrapbook. Now, it's edit pictures or read.

3. The economy is crap, what goes? Obviously not hypothetical as the economy is actually crap, are you making household cuts?

**We got rid of satellite, more for the brain rot of my children than the money. Either way, I'm glad it's gone. The cell phones are next. I don't know what kind of plan we're wrapped up in, but when the contract is up, they're gone. I want to go back to the stone age of plain ole cell phones w/o all the bells & whistles. I don't need internet access at home, on the iPod, on the laptop AND on my phone. We got rid of the data plan on our phones and it really only saves us about $20/mo, but it's nice to feel somewhat unplugged.

4. A mother with children older than yours tells you the horrors that are to come in the public school system. Do you
a)stick your head in the sand and just hope they turn out okay?
b)roll your motorhome off a cliff so you can afford to send your kids to a private, less...what's the right word here?? less agenda filled school or

**While option B appeals to me on several levels, option C is the one I will take eventually. It's a matter of when, not if. I really like the school here, but I know we won't always be stationed where schools are "Exemplary."

5. Two kids, one extra curricular that they will both love: swimming or soccer? Keep in mind San Antonio is just a few degrees shy of Hades in the summer time. This one seems obvious to me, but I want to know other peoples thoughts.

**We chose swimming, per kid requests.

6. Mommy guilt, we all have it. What's your biggest point of kid induced guilt?

**Not enough one on one time. Chosing to get on the computer instead of playing with 'em.

7. What current happening weighs heaviest on your mind? There are a lot with the war and economy and politics and this country in general, I'd love to hear what you talk about 'round the dinner table.

**I live with Sean. Everything weighs heavily on my mind. You should hear our dinner table talks, my goodness. The economy, hyper-inflation, politics, our food source and the crap they put in it, the gov't infringing on our rights, vaccines, the plight of Christians around the world, conspiracies, the degrees of separation amongst the gov't, drug companies, big banks, etc. I could go on.

8. If you could change just one facet of your current life, what would it be?

**Owning the motorhome. It is a huge financial burden. Huge.

9. What's something you didn't have as a kid that you want for your own kids?

**a baby sister
10. One favorite thing right now, today? Book, song, movie, food, anything.

**a clean house, knowing I have 2 days of un-editted pictures to go through, the silence of kids being asleep and the tv being OFF


Anonymous said...

Loved hearing your answers! I think I'm getting ready to unplug from Facebook. We will begin homeschooling in the fall and we are so excited. Hope all is well in TX!

nicole said...

boston is at the top of our list as well - so awesome that you guys get to get away for a bit by yourselves!

Corey said...

i would love to go to boston! washington dc is awesome of the best vacations i've ever been on. i think it's hilarious though, that you mentioned the radiation poisoning over here. seriously, i've heard all about it on the national news, but locally??? it's like not even a concern. i seriously wonder where these national news people are getting their info?? not that it couldn't happen...i think it could, but so far it doesn't seem like anyone around here is extra worried.