Saturday, March 19, 2011

the Cabbage Patch

Every once in a great while, I may refer to any or all of my children as "crackheads." It has become such a random term of endearment around here that I really don't even think about it. "Booger" is another chart topper for us. Let me give you a tiny slice of our life and maybe you'll see why.

The kids have had major 'tude this week. I've been trying to be a good mom and have fun things for them to do this week, Spring Break, even if just playing outside with friends or an afternoon at the park. Today, their attitudes earned everyone an early bedtime. T man skipped his nap, so it seemed as if the stars aligned right around 7 and I went in for the kill.


I set a timer for them to play their DSi/Leapster when I saw it wasn't going according to plan. I had to come back up after 20 due to some complaint/outburst. The games went OFF ten minutes early. It was the window or the fan or the blanket or hunger or thirst or or or or or. I must've come up to deal with one of the big two{FELIX} at least five times. I had had it. I heard the sounds of little feet on the ceiling above me. I decided to tippy toe up the stairs and totally bust him in the act of who knows what. There's no way I could've known.

I leaned against their door jamb and slowly peered around to see Felix.

His comforter on the floor.
His pillow on the floor.
His pillow pet on the floor.
His fitted sheet removed from his mattress on the floor.
His clothes, all of them, not on his person, on the floor.

Lastly, him. Standing in the middle of the pile doing the Cabbage Patch, complete with, "OOOT! OOOT!" sound effects.

It was all I could do not to just die laughing. Simon, in a fit of hysteria on the top bunk, didn't help the matter.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR EVER LOVING MIND?!" I whisper-yelled, so as not to wake a sleeping T-monkey.

He just stood there, trying not to smirk, with a totally innocent, "What?" face.

It didn't end there, but after all of his bedtime stalling stunts were over for the night, I knelt down and had a good long chat with him. I reminded him that he's a good boy and God put him right in the middle of our family for a very special reason. I told him I love him all the time, even when he's naughty and makes smoke come out of my ears. I explained that as his Mama, sometimes I make him do things he doesn't wanna do, like go to bed early, b/c I know he needs more sleep. I prayed with him and snuggled a minute and got hugs and kisses and apologies. I love that stinkin' kid. My goodness, I love him.

Sean's only input when I called him at work was laughter. Mr. Chuckles wouldn't have thought it was so hilarious had he been the one with bedtime duty.

When all was said and done, he ended up going to bed TWO hours after I had planned. He won a small battle, but the war will come tomorrow. When his punishment comes to fruition and he can't go on a picnic we had planned. OR go outside to play when Simon does. OR go to his friend's house. Ah, consequences...It's gonna be a long day.

How fun will it be to tell these stories in the years to come? Like when they have their own gaggle of kids and try to call me for sympathy? That's what I try to focus on...
I love this picture. Play-doh crumbs on the floor, chubby knees, and you can't see 'em in this picture, but the bottom of Simon's socks are completely blown full of holes. Love my little crackheads.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Died laughing at Feee-lux!

Dettao said...

great big memory smiles from this grandma. You are doing so great with them.

Corey said...

oh it's so easy to laugh when it's not your own kid. but i can so sympathize we've all been there!

Jude said...

i LOVE that kid. Seriously, laughed so hard, and read it to micah who did the same. :)

nicole said...

I'm with is funny to laugh at stories like this because we have all been there. there is something so awesome about having kids make you laugh when you are trying so hard to be mad at them :)

hippo chick said...

Have a few extras minutes at the library this morning and am catching up. Love you and your crazy kids.

~hippo hugs~

Brown English Muffin said... I don't even know what to say...did he at least clean everything up when he was done??? LOL