Saturday, March 12, 2011

fodder for my Fadder

My dad has been calling quite a bit lately. Every convo seems to roll around to Grandchild #12. He currently has 11. As one sibling of mine has a broken husband** and the other just birthed baby #5...that leaves me.
Most days, I stand strong. Most days, I realize I'm already vastly outnumbered. Most days, I don't watch Leila. Titus cried more when her Mama left that she did.

**My wonderful brother-in-law has mentioned that he does not like being called "broken" on the world wide web. The appropriate term would be "fixed," I suppose. :)

Throughout the night, I heard, "I think Leila might be even cuter than Titus," from Felix, and, "She's still here? Maybe they'll never come back for her and just let us keep her!" from Simon. All three of my boys woke up the next morning asking where she went. :)
I just said to Sean, "Look how nicely four fit into a picture." And he responded with a noise I can't really put into letters. It was something between an exasperated sigh, a horn and a goat bleat.
Not to put words in her mouth, but...I'm gonna put words in her mouth. This is her, "Good Lord, where is my mother, when is she coming back and why are there so many boys here?"
A mini skirt and a yellow submarine T, you're killin' me! Her mom texted shortly after I took this pic, "Doing ok?" I responded, "Not at all. She's killing all of my anti#4 arguments. The kid is a gem."
I love this one. Even if it does look like the baby boy child is being neglected. He really wasn't.
I swear I did not shove him off into the corner so I could play with the baby girl. He had just walked in and was closing the door. In fact, after Leila left, I held him on my chest until he fell asleep, saying, "You're my special baby. Mommy loves her baby. Who's Mama's baby? etc etc"

Mr. T had a couple, "NO! MINE!" moments.
Leila doing the streeeeeeetch and grab for T's beloved ball of the moment...
Wild banshee scream of, "NO, Nana baby! MINE!"
She's all doting and pats his arm to calm the beast within. Like she's saying, "Calm down, Honey Bunny, I won't take your ball..."
"Sike. Gimme the freakin' ball, Punk."
I can't wait to see what become of these two.

As easy as she was on me, the sitter, I can not imagine having kids 17 months apart, like these two are. Oh my goodness, moms of little kids super close together, you have my AWE.

I am gonna miss this little girl so stinking much. Her and her mama are headed away for a while and I can't imagine how much I'll miss them. They've brought so much goodness into our lives and I am just gonna be a wreck when they go. I told Susannah that I might just be crying harder than her when her man deploys. :) Probly not.

Thanks for sharing, Nana.


Corey said...

she is just the sweetest little thing! (i love when you put words in their's so cute!) i think you DO need to have one more. you talk about it a lot which means you want one deep down :P haha

Brown English Muffin said...

I've decided I can't read your posts at work any more.....I laugh out loud too much at work, and then I don't look like I'm actually doing work.

I laughed at "Sike. Gimme the freakin' ball, Punk."

Question, if you had a 4th child and it was a boy, would you be content or would you still want that girl? Trying to figure out if it's 4 you want or the possibility of a girl.

Brown English Muffin said...

P.s. I want to thank you for now having the song "Oh Susannah oh won't you cry for me, for I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee" stuck in my head!!!

CAmport said...

It's a girl I want, Melanie. I'm pretty sure I'm not so committed to the idea enough to actually go for it. Some days, yes. Most days, no. I'm pretty sure three is my limit. :)

Jude said...

after helping coach my friend in her labor and delivery, I almost caved... almost. Then i came home and realized, there were no diapers to change, no bottles to wash, and no milk to pump... and just like that, I was over it.

Brown English Muffin said...

Hmm they say god doesn't give you more than you can handle...I've heard a teenage girl is more than any mother can handle!!!!

Give me a few years and I might pray for a replacement of 3 boys!!! LOL

nicole said...

what a sweet little girl!!!
i totally have those moments too...although i just take madilyn or ezra for a day and then i'm over it :)it's just funny how quickly you become accustomed to no diapers/bottles again after they are gone!