Thursday, March 17, 2011

He's mine

The child sneaked fresh, organic green beans by the handful before we all sat down at the dinner table.
He ate nothing but said green beans throughout dinner.
I left the bowl on the table for him to nibble between dinner and bedtime and he finished off the bowl, save but a few.

There's no way the kid is mine.

His hair is stick straight with nary a color but absolute platinum blonde.

There's no way the kid is mine.

He does not heed discipline and thinks the word, "No" is que to smile a dimple-y smile.

There's no way the kid is mine.

He does not sit still at dinner time, constantly getting out of his seat. When told over and over and over to sit still and eat, he goes 'round the table giving kisses to each person, making it impossible to enforce any form of discipline on his naughtiness and disruption of dinner.

There's no way the kid is mine.

He's developed a new fake fit, complete with alligator tears. It is so unconvincing, there isn't much the audience can do but {try to hide their} smile. Seriously, he peeks to see if you're watching.
There's no way the kid is mine.

He's three weeks away from two. No baby of mine can be almost two, just not possible.

There's definitely no way the kid is mine.

Oh wait, are those...couldn't be. Angel wings? Huh.
I guess he is mine. Most definitely. One hundred bazillion percent all mine.

**I do realize he is beyond the point of hoo-nanny pictures{not typing any ana*-tom_ically correct b_ody pa--rts as it may cause my blog to pop up in the search engines of weirdos. You'd be surprised.}. I bought these wings with another set of pictures in mind, but we had a few minutes and he likes to be without the threads. Thus, I got a set of pictures I will cherish forever and ever. I can't post them here, but they might just be my favorite of all time. No shame, this one.

He is all mine.


Jude said...

i only claim mine when they are behaving ;)
i love that boy, he can't turn two. no way :(

nicole said...

how can he almost be two?!?!?!

such a cutie!
and yes i'm with you two...mine are only claimed when they are behaving as well - all other behavior comes from my other half :)

Corey said...

how is he almost 2?? goodness time goes fast. yes see...right now mine is sitting so nicely and reading without even being asked too. He's totally mine. But earlier when he was whining and being a total dufus..well then he was Pete's ;)