Monday, March 28, 2011

Last week

A bunch of my friends are doing this thing called Project Life. I've tried not to get sucked in. I've given myself all perfectly legit reasons. The cost, the effort, the give-up-ability.

Last week, though, would've been perfect for it. I found myself saving receipts and making mental notes. There was so much ordinary fun in our lives last week that I wish I was in the midst of Project Life. I think I'll pick it up somewhat half-heartedly. Make my own version. Scrape together my own page protectors and just go with it.

Last week we had the chaos of half days and parent/teacher conferences and my first "I can really do this thing!" photo shoot. I had time with Susannah and Leila and emails and a church meeting{not all that fun, but documentable at least}. We had a bunch of family time as Sean only worked one day last week and got a surprise "holiday." We did yard work and cleaned out the garage, finding lots of treasures. T-monkey is learning gobs of new words. We went to the River with friends and had a BLAST. A cook-out Saturday night and a lazy, but chore filled Sunday to round out the was just one of those fulfilling weeks that makes you realize how good you've got it.

This week is keying up to be busy, too. It's Sean's long week and he's back on days, but he has so much good stuff scheduled. Shadowing experiences lined up and tests to study for; taking giant leaps towards getting into school.

Friends of San Antonio, how much do you love the river? We're going to get a season pass, but I don't want to be down by the river alone all the time. Who's up for a summer of picnics to keep boredom at bay??

It just feels like something great is upon us and I'm ready to get there and settle in.


Brown English Muffin said...

I just love those moments where you realize how good life is.

Corey said...

I agree with Melanie! Sounds like an awesome week. Are you gonna share pics from your photo shoot?
and you should do project life..i'm glad Nicole and I are of some influence LOL!!

Jude said...

do project life with me!! I think I am going to ask for it for my birthday. I figure i will stick with it more if I pay for it ;)