Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten on Thursday

1. My almost two year old is obsessed with hats or anything he deems a hat. His current fave is Simon's bicycle helmet. It coincides with his new found ability to clip plastic buckles.

2. Simon's teacher is submitting him for the Gifted & Talented program for next year. I had to control my emotions when she told me. I was all, "Ok. Yeah. That's fine. If you think you should." In my head, though, I was like, "Boo-yow. My kid is a genius! I knew it, I knew it!" Maybe "genius" is a bit much, but I had a feeling he was smarter than your average bear.

3. The big two hung out with teenagers last night for a little over an hour. On the five minute ride home, I heard a lot of "S" words. Everybody needed to "shut up." Everything was "stupid." Everyone was asking if they can say "sucks." Hush. Quit. & No.

4. Simon did make the very legit observation that, "All the teenagers in there were acting like idiots. Well, no, it was just the teenage boys. Why are teenage boys so dumb?" Bud, if you figure it out, there are several million girls, ages 14-19 that would love to know the answer. All I could think during this conversation is that he's going to be one of those socially inept teenage boys so very soon.

5. I'm a bit nervous, but more excited about a certain endeavor tomorrow. I've been concentrating so hard on not forgetting the details of this engagement that I completely had a brain fart and missed Felix's parent/teacher conference. Oops.

6. I am really hoping my little blue eyed monsters have given me enough practice for said endeavor.

7. Sean and I were on the subject of parenting and blended families the other day. Somewhere in the midst of the conversation, Sean said, "You would be the worst person in the world to divorce." It seemed like a backhanded compliment, but before I could question it further, he follows up with, "You're hard enough to be married to."

Apparently, I "hold grudges." Something about, "I never forget anything" and I can "make life unbearable if I so desire to." Don't you forget it, Amps. ;)

8. I'm avoiding politics and religion in this post, so I am quickly running out of things to talk about...
9. Because they're cute and happened to jump into photo mode while I was photographing layouts...
10. Domestic terrorism at it's best:


Jude said...

i thought felix was simon in that first shot of the three.
the last shot, is my favorite. love it! :)
hmmm... what have you got cooking today that you forgot a teacher conference?!?!
we need to chat soon!

Brown English Muffin said...

why is it that the oldest one has such a grown up face and the younger two still have that baby face! I just noticed it, I guess he knows he's the big brother, the protector sooooo cute!