Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have a little garden going in the backyard. I water it twice a day and search for horrors among the leaves. So far, there are no bugga-boos on any leaves and all my little green babies are growing like weeds healthy veggies. Every morning, while giving lil pep talks to my green beans, I am overwhelmed at the awesomeness that is nature. I think God's design is just the coolest thing there is. He knew just what we would need and he supplied it. He didn't just give us green beans, He gave us this awesome system of plant, grow, sow. I'm learning so much about Him, just by watching these little seeds turn into something. Crazy cool. Evolution just doesn't explain it. As I ponder the whole process of seeds turning to veggies via water and sunlight{also provided by Him}, I question the theory and realize I am left with more questions than answers. God is amazing and I am so blessed.

The garden is kind of an end note on this journey Sean and I have been going through over the last year or so. I think it started for Sean before Titus was born, but I'm finally on board. For the first time ever, I am devouring non-fiction books. I am learning every thing there is to know about our food and water supply. I am learning about childhood diseases related to food, medications, etc. Chrissy, mistress of Mountain Dew, lover of all things candy has had an epiphany; if God didn't make it, it's not good for you. Again, it goes back to He provided a way for us and humans botched it up with their Cheeto dust fingers. This week I ran to the grocery store and did a little victory dance in my head at the checkout. I bought nothing but produce and organics. NOTHING. is expensive to eat organic. But, for every $10-20 extra bucks I spend at the grocery store,  I save even more at the drug store. It's not that we were eating horribly before, but I can admit that I am no stranger to honey-bbq Fritos. I am thrilled that I finally get it and excited to continue on this journey. Educate yourself, people, for the health of your children. It's entirely overwhelming, but worth it.

I talked to my big brother yesterday. I haven't seen him in...years? It's been a while, for sure. He said he'd just read a years worth of posts on my blog and felt like he knew me again. That made me smile. The guy that I used to get in trouble every day of his life in high school read my blog. His family has had a rough go of it the last few years. Between starting churches, joining the Navy, having  family separated by time zones, having five kids, Asperger's and Autism diagnoses for 2/5 of the kids, etc etc etc...his family should be number one on everybody's prayer list. I love that guy. I miss him and Helena like mad. I miss seeing Isaac's sweet little face and hearing Kayleigh-ann's voice. I hate that I really don't know the twins and have not even seen baby Ava. I get in funks where I feel entirely sorry for myself for all that I am missing. I snap out of it with a reality check that it's not about me. Despite it all, I am so entirely blessed to have these people in my life whether they are near or far.

I do wish I could pop in from time to time and take the kids to the park or bring Helena dinner so she has one less thing to do. I wish I could be a shoulder for her to cry on on rough days. I wish I could be one more support in Isabella's corner, researching, fighting, asking the right questions.

I can't, so I pray. I read blogs and websites and books and studies and therapies. The world of Autism is overwhelming and I have no clue; I don't live in the world of Autism. I only read stories and cry and acknowledge that a child's health is not something to take for granted. I forget that a lot in the day to day of raising three seemingly healthy little boys.

I read a staggering statistic yesterday, just a comment on a site, not anything I can find a link for. It said, if autism rates continue on the exact same path they are on now, every boy would be on the autism spectrum by the year 2045 and every girl by 2065. I don't know how he came up with this figure, but with rates up over 2000% since 1992, I guess it's not too far fetched. It seems like there may be a missing variable here, though. I don't know, not wanting to argue the point with anybody, I was just taken aback by the statistic which got me looking for answers. I had no idea autism was up 2000% in the last 20 years.

Wow, this post took a turn towards the depressing. I intended to post an uplifting diddy about life these days.

The kiddos are out of school tomorrow for a local holiday. I actually think it's kind of ridiculous that they don't have school for the Battle of Flowers Parade. Either way, we're thinking of signing 'em out early for a day of playing hooky down by the river.


Jude said...

"cheeto dust fingers" ♥
have you found organic bacon?!?!? ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

AMEN to your new food journey...I'm totally loving my new eye opening experience of healthier food choices as well...Baby C's breakfast this morning...a banana and milk blended together for a smoothie....I wouldn't give her a pop tart the smoothie just felt right!!! LOL

Dettao said...

I was just telling someone yesterday that the first step to healthy eating (weight issues) is to only eat what you buy on the outside aisles of the grocery store which are produce and lean meats. It's okay to walk down the cereal aisle but you have to buy plain whole grains, not the instant sugary kind. Don't eat anything that comes out of a box and has more than one or two ingredients. Good for you