Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dear Sir,

I got this comment last night on my Ten on Tuesday post:

Peter Hitchens said...

That is a really great picture of you grinding to a halt while reading my book (sorry, Googled myself and couldn't resist). I'm sorry you find it so dull,but wondered if you could go into more detail about precisely why you find it so tedious.

I am under no delusions that THE Peter Hitchens actually found my humble little blog and took the time to comment. However, I googled him and my blog did pop up on the very first page, so...just in case, I feel I should reply. Without further adieu:

Dear Sir,

     I would like to apologize for blasting your personal writing the way I did. It was rude and exaggerated and in my own little world, I forget just how small the WWW can be when one googles the right phrase. I never imagined you, the author, would see my words or give a flip about the opinion of one very uninfluential reader.

     I feel I actually gave the book a bad rap because it's not what I was expecting. I judged the book by it's cover, as I often do, and thought it would be more of a biography than it reads. The specific parts I found boring were the parts that I felt had nothing to do with your personal story. Then again, it's your book and who am I to judge what bits of England's history pertain to your story? The autobigraphical parts that you said would be tedious to the reader are what I wanted to read. I wanted your story to be more personal. You really don't give much detail on what brought you back to God. It was just kind of, "I was an atheist and now I'm not." I feel like a lot of what you wrote is basic knowledge of the history of Christianity vs atheism. Then again, maybe the general public doesn't research those subject matters and your book is the first time they've heard such things. I want to know more. Not about England's Navy, not about England's mockery of Christianity, nor atheistic regimes; I, the reader, want to know you.

a fellow Christian, intrigued by your story

>>>An excerpt from the book


Dettao said...

There you go...
If indeed, it was him, you gave your opinion quite eloquently.

kat78 said...

THAT was a great reply! (;
WE ARE ALL THE SAME KIND OF PEOPLE, nobody's better than somebody else, not even famous people.
So we can reply just normally and honestly.
Good people can cope with critics... (;
And: it's your blog and your place to be honest LIKE YOU WANT! (;
(sorry for my crazy english, i hope this was understandable, but it's not my mother tongue)

Corey said...

You, my friend, are awesome.

Jude said...

BUSTED! Just kidding... I think it is cool that he asked why, and didn't just get steamed about it :)