Tuesday, April 12, 2011


He has a funny little obsession with putting his left hand in his pocket, never his right hand.

He has way less hair in the front than his brothers did at the same age, and not even a hint of curl.

He furrows his brow often.

He love, love, loves to be outside.

He sing-says, "Air-are-ou(Where are you)?" so sweetly.

He's starting to do tricks on his four-wheeler and it has got to be the funniest thing I've ever seen. He's very un-dramatic about his tricks, unlike his "Watch! WATCH! Look what I can do!!" brothers. Though, he has been saying, "Atch! Atch!" from time to time.

He thinks all food served in a bowl is "shoup."

He is a domestic terrorist and leaves destruction in his path. He beats his brothers and destroys their things.

He makes Felix cry daily.

He is Felix's best friend.

He is Felix's worst enemy. I have actually heard my middlest scream the words, "I hate you, Baby!"

His favorite place to hide is the cupboard under my coffee maker, where I store my crock pot.

He throws things when he's mad.

He says, "Shoes on/off," 84,397 times a day.

He loves water and rocks, sticks and mud.

He can reach doorknobs now and loves to flip light switches on and off.

He thinks crayons and markers are for walls and window sills and occasionally carpet.

He loves his water table and if filling & dumping cups of murky liquid were a skill, he'd be a prodigy.
He loves legos. He loves balls. He loves dogs, just not too close. He loves birds. He loves babies. He loves anything with wheels, but especially, "Roros{motorcycles}."

He thinks bugs are hilarious, likes to play with them for a bit and then smash them.

He calls cookies, "Woo-wees" and I will be thrilled if that morphs into "Wookies."

He likes to dip his food. Ketchup is his dip of choice, but he'll go so far as to partake in roasted red pepper dip if the opportunity presents.

He knows Jason's Deli has ice cream and demands it loudly.

He is a big fan of all fruits, "Be-ys(Strawberries)," in particular.

He eats green beans with an unnatural(to me) urgency.

He pronounces Felix, "Wheat." He's pretty much got Simon's name down pat, but usually shortens it to, "Mon." I love to hear him yell, "C'mon, Simon(MON! MON!!)."

He thinks everything in the entire world is his, "MINE! No, MINE!" I hear it often. He snatches from his brothers often.

He links blown kisses with the word, "Bye." and I hope he never loses the correlation he has created.

He can count to two. I only know this because he is never happy with just one treat. He holds up his empty paw, every time with a simple demand of, "Two. I-ant two."

Every morning, he likes to sit on my lap and cover up with his "beet(blanket)" to drink his strawberry milk.

His eyes are changing the slightest bit. He is getting a golden/green ring between the pupils and the bright blue of his eyes. Felix has the same thing going on. It is beautiful.
He says, "Bye, Mommy," at bedtime when he's really tired and is willing to fall right to sleep.  Don't wanna jinx it, but he's pretty great about bedtime. Rarely does he put up a fight. Then again, he did hook his little gripper toes up on the rail the other night. He may be my first kid ever to learn how to climb out of a crib.

He likes hats and 99% of the time, must have one on his head. If outside, he prefers a bike helmet.

He loves Lego men and can not have a Lego creation with a, "Seat. SEAT!" Even though he gets frustrated when they won't sit just right in the seat, he insists on both elements with every build. The throwing things when he's mad personality trait comes in to play strongly with this point. Fun times, fun times.

We had our first argument about clothes just the other day. He wanted to wear his water shoes and I wanted him to wear regular shoes. He won.

He's starting to get colors. The morning of the party, he lost his mind over something in the vitamin cabinet. I gave him his vitamins, he spit them out and continued to freak. After a long, long fit that I did not have time for, I finally understood that he was saying, "Pink-o.Not boo" Lo and behold, a pink play-do was sitting on the shelf, next to a blue play-doh, above the vitamins.

He likes to go on bike rides. He likes to go to the store. He likes to get in the car and just go.

He says Nana, Jack or Jack-Jack, Lhana, Hannah, Emmy(Emery) and Taja and identifies all the Jacks we know appropriately. Taja is my absolute favorite name of all the kids, simply because Titus pronounces it, "Ha-Ha."

He pronounces Ss in some words, but not others. For instance, he says the words, "bus" and "inside" with perfect clarity, but screams the word "NOT! NOT!" when demanding someone wipe his "No."

His vocabulary is growing every day. I catch myself smiling at each new word like, "I can't believe he can say that already."

His only response to, "Happy Birthday!" over the last few days has been a simple, "Cake?" Smart, smart boy.

Where he was once cool as a cucumber, he is now asserting himself. Boldly.
Where he once took super long naps, he's shortened them drastically and is even attempting to skip them from time to time.
Where he was once fun(if not fun, at least tolerable) to take shopping, he is now...how shall I say, never going out in public again? Like a light switch, he flipped into this screeching, raving lunatic in stores just this week.

Where he was once a bee bitty baby, he's now a big boy of two leaving me wondering where the time goes.

Happy Birthday, Booger.

Untitled from Chrissy Amport on Vimeo.


Jude said...

Oh my... so much fun to read! I miss that boy. I cannot believe he is already doing all those things, he should still be having bottles and sleeping in car seats! :(
I wish I had done more lists like this along the way... good job mama, this will make him smile when he reads how deeply you knew and cared about the "little things"... :) Miss you!

hippo chick said...

Happy Birthday, Titus. My Paige is 38 today. She no longer throws herself on the floor, but does still have some of the same traits as Titus.

Great post.

~hippo hugs~

aron@sc.rr.com said...

LOVE. The post, the video, everything. His boogie dance is the best!!! Beautiful photos!! Happy Birthday, Titus!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow ...he was JUST born Chrissy...for pete sake!!!

You broke my heart with the "MON MON"!!!

beth said...

happy birthday mr. t.
so fun to see/talk with you on your big day.
now get in the rv and head north. just stay on 35.