Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's my party

& I'll cry flop to floor, smack my head, scream and flail about if I want to.
That he did. The entire time we were trying to load the car with coolers and clothes and hot dog buns and snacks and drinks and ice and children. Luckily, we were taking our favorite 11 year old along and Austin's presence turned T's frown upside down.
Austin, the 11 yr old that looks like one of mine. He is a great, great kid and is whining's nemesis if yesterday was any indication.
 Noah, above and another Austin, below. He is a beautiful boy and the sweetest little guy!
 Sean and Byron playing dress up.
 Mr. T wearing Byron's hat.
My favorite picture of the day, thanks to my friend Kim! I am so glad there was a real-life photographer to take the cake pix. She is my biggest support, the one I turn to with all questions photography related and she makes me feel validated. Thank you, my friend!
 Kim took this one, too.
 And this little segment. I love it! "A conversation with Jack-Jack."

 I love the way Jack is looking at him in this one. Love these boys. :)
Austin again. He helped us lug all the party stuffs down the hill to the river and back up again.
 Another Kim shot. LOVE.
Kim shot, again. He wasn't thrilled with the piece of cake Sean cut him. The icing had fallen off. He picked up the cake square and handed it to me, only asking for it back once he realized there was icing in the midst of the cake. This is his attempt at getting the good stuff out.
Kim took the next three, too.

Ashley and Mazzy.

The only picture I got of Kerri's kids. What is it with kids falling asleep on the beach these days? This was shortly after he made his way up the hill after being absent to play with tadpoles most of the party. "Want a hotdog, Konner?"-I asked. "Nah, I'll just have cake."-duh. He decided on the piece with the giant purple balloon b/c his "mom likes purple." That got me a lil choked up on it's own and then his brother trudged up the hill shortly after. I told Kodi about Konner's cake piece, "That's cuz my mom loves purple."-he said. :( I know, Bud. Again, I was good until I heard him mention ever so casually to Byron, "I wish my mom was here." That got my emoticons on. I know that feeling. Last year, it was me wishing Sean were there for the first birthday of our littlest. Soon, boys. She'll be back soon.
Little Lennon loving the water.
One of the happiest little guys I know.
I regret not taking more pictures of the party guests, but I'm happy with the ones I got.

I can't even believe how many people(almost 50!) showed up to our out-of-town fiesta. The river is a 25-ish minute drive for us, further for some of our party attendees. The fact that they made the drive just for our little boy humbles me to no end. I don't know what all you people see in our family that makes you want to hang out with us, but I'm glad you see it. :D


Corey said...

They come because you are good people! If I could, I'd drive 1500 miles to Bday with you all!

Kimberly White said...

How did he get to be 2 already? Looks like fun though!

Jude said...

what a fun day.. wish we could have been there!!

Brown English Muffin said...

What an awesome party idea!!!! Your friend sure is a good photographer!!! WOW..I love the one of T with his leg fav!!