Friday, April 15, 2011

Project Life

A couple of my friends started Project Life in January. I made up a lot of excuses as to why I didn't want to join in.

It costs money{so do a lot of things that I justify, but really don't need}.
I don't want it to take the place of regular scrapbooking{I never scrap anymore, excuse not valid}.
I don't want to take the time or energy to put it all together{that just sounds like a politician's excuse, invalid!}.

So with the realization that this might become my new norm, as far as documenting memories goes, and a gentle shove from a certain Judith Anne...I am in. AND LOVING IT.

Now I feel like I should endorse said product from my point of view.

*Anybody can do it, even non-scrapbookers or people who once scrapbooked{cough, cough MELISSA}, but no longer do.
*It's is entirely customizable.
*It can be as simple or involved as you want.
*To me, it feels like what scrapbooking was to begin with, a giant book with odds and ends glued inside. Like the scrapbooks of yesteryear.
*All you need is
-pictures: a home printer isn't a must, but I wouldn't want to do this project w/o the ability to print pix every day. The regular photo paper I like was a bit pricey for this project, so I got the 300 pack of Kirklands paper at Costco. Eh, ya get what you pay for. It's not the best, but it could be worse.
-random bits of pretty paper that you love
-a binder: mine is a 12X12 American Crafts album
-page protectors: buy them on Amazon or just run by Michael's and get a random mix of American Crafts page protectors/photo dividers. I did both. Except I bought them on and it took ten days to get here, despite the $5.99 S&H.
-bits and pieces of your daily life, collected each week

That's it.

With that, I give you week one. See, non-scrappers? YOU can do this, too! Click on pix to see in more detail.

My intro page. I just picked a bunch of scrap products that I love.
Week One:
Week One, left:
Week One, right:
Week Two, which isn't technically over 'til tmrw. I'll add more if something awesome happens.
Week Two, left:
Week Two, extra photos/right:
Week Two, extra photos/right:
There ya have it. Easy peasy and what I'm thinking scrapbooking will become from here on out, at least for me. Who has time for the old way anymore?


Jude said...

hahaha! I love those gentle shoves ;)
where did you find the half page for 4x6 pics?!?!
I do like yours better in the sense that it looks more like "You". I knew i could not hang if I had to be uber creative... :)
I am so glad you are doing it too!!
miss you!

Brown English Muffin said...

All I can say is I refuse to be sucked in...LOL

nicole said...

dude. you blog way too much :) finally getting on my computer to actually comment instead of storing all your posts as unread on my google reader on my apologies for not being quick with the commnets anymore!

But have to say i love your project life pages...and love that you have joined the dark side of easy scrapbooking too :) keep sharing when you can!