Saturday, April 09, 2011


In preparation for his big party today, Titus and I headed for a local barber shop. I really wanted to have his first haircut done at the barber shop on base, but traffic was a nightmare headed in that direction and gas is $3.60/gallon, so...

He did amazingly well. Sat stiller than still the entire time.
The only bit of disapproval shown was towards the water bottle. He didn't mind the scissors, clippers or vacuum hose at the end.

 A good before shot. Longer than I was acknowledging.

 After. His head got bigger. His ears got bigger. His cheeks got thinner. What the crap? I thought they were only supposed to mess with the hair.

 A side shot.
And just like that, my boy is ready to get this TWO bid-ness underway. Birthday party post is on it's way...tomorrow.


Corey said...

he looks absolutely darling with his hair cut! I love it! He is so stinkin cute.

Anonymous said...

He's so grown up looking :(

Jude said...

what GREAT photos... inside and the ones outside! Oh... such cuteness!!

Brown English Muffin said...

Boy does that blue shirt bring out his eyes!!! WOW

I love the little lady doing his hair...the pair of them couldn't be any cuter!!!

nicole said...

hair cuts shouldn't make little boys look so grown up...doesn't that happen way too fast?