Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ten on Tuesday, with nothing negative*

*unless it's done with unoffensive humor

1)Our love birds came back again this year. The stayed a bit longer this time and actually seemed a little more in love this year. After a week of seeing them as a pair, only one came back. He kept coming back, night after night for a week, waiting patiently on his little birdy wife. He doesn't come back anymore. We fear the worst. At least we have the sidewalk stains of bird poo to remind us of the once happy couple.

2)In their place, a sparrow has taken up residence. The first day I saw him, I thought, "Oh a sparrow! I like sparrows. I mean...His eye is on them, what's not to like?" I'll tell ya what's not to like. Sparrows are evil, territorial, little demons in disguise. He's watching them so He can keep track of the human eyes they peck out. They aren't meek little birds. There is bird poop on my front door from the times they've tried to come into my house. They kamikaze us so badly that I duck and cover out of instinct now, whenever I come or go from my own residence. I do not lie, this sparrow followed my car the entire way out of our neighborhood yesterday. Where our first little pair of lovebirds waited until the calm of dusk to take up nest over our door, the sparrows come in the light of day, just waiting for a human to encroach on their space.

3)Mr. Simon learned how to use the Manual mode yesterday. It took me two cameras and years to even attempt it. He totally got it. Oh the pride! He got this one of me. The focus, the lighting, the composition, he's a rock star. He was even telling me how to pose.

4)Simon has also figured out this whole allowance thing. His chores are to empty the dishwasher and take out the trash. He's been very consistent. I explained investing to him yesterday and we're trying to encourage him to not bust his butt just to waste his money on a DS game. His goal now is to make $25 and have his dad match it so he can buy an ounce of silver. SMART BOY.

5)Another Simon story b/c I don't want to forget: I was on the phone with my sister yesterday for the first time in at least a week(not normal for us, we usually chat at least every other day)and we both had a lot of catching up to do. All was well, kiddos were upstairs playing and as typically happens when attempting an adult convo, the chaos started to drift downstairs. One wanted milk, one wanted a popsicle and one thought throwing a ball in the house would be overlooked because I was distracted. Check, check and HECK no. I called the ball thrower out. I warned him, not just with my voice, but with pointing, shaking my head and bugging my eyes out. Not three minutes later, I turn in time to see the ball tossed into the ceiling fan and slow-mo-throw itself into my antique Towers of the Americas whiskey flask. Bing. Bang. Boom. My eyes went from the ball to the whiskey flask to Simon's horrified eyes and back again within the half a second it took for my bottle to fall to the tile floor, shatter, and spray tiny pieces of porcelain all over the living room.

Simon knew. Even my sister was like, "Do I need to let you go?" I decided to deal with it once my conversation was over. In the meantime, Simon immediately got a box and picked up all the shattered pieces, even being mindful to keep Titus away. :) He carried the vacuum cleaner down the stairs to get all the little pieces. While he was at it, realizing my phone conversation was still in play, he made my bed. That was enough icing on the cake that I was quick to forgive, but not without a lecture on listening the first time and why we don't throw balls inside.

6) Felix, before church on Easter. He fixed his own hair. :) Click on pic to see it non-pixelated.

7) All three on Easter. Simon, being too cool; Felix, kept doing the pledge of allegiance(?); Titus, red chucks do not an Easter outfit make, but...the white driver cap & seer sucker pants seemed to make it so.

8) Three more victims of life in military leave our lives today. Just for a while, though. It's funny how the military part of our life gets put on the back burner sometimes. Not that it isn't ALWAYS there, but not living on base has me far removed enough that there are other parts of our life that are more front and center than the military portion. Seeing the movers in my friend's house yesterday, though, smelling that packing tape, carrying her pantry goods to my car, giving baby Leila one last squeeze...it brings the military-ness front and center. For better or worse, in fun and in not freakin' fun at all, at least this lifestyle is somewhat of an adventure.

9)Folk of San Antone, I have found a farmer that sells hormone/antibiotic-free, grass-fed beef, chicken, lamb and goat{the last two are a nay{neigh? you know you thought it} in this household} in bulk. The more people we bring, the better deal we get. 1/4 cow is 150 pounds, so it does require a bit of freezer space, but think of how long that would last! Prices are a-rising, so the quicker we act, the better. Let me know if you're interested. I have had the beef and it is moo-ey moo-ey delicioso. Wow, I must live on a farm. :D

10)Since I have no other points to make: If anyone knows of a deep freezer for sale, please let me know.


Corey said...

1. awe poor love birds
2. i know the sparrows of which you speak! they are evil! when i was in high school there was a pair that lived in the bushes in front of the girls locker room. Many a girl lost hair that year. and maybe an eye or two.
3. i love it!
4. try myjobchart.com Jake loves it! the kid is doing chores all the time :)
5. oh no! been there!
6. i love his outfit, and his hair!
7. so cute! I love T's chucks :)
8. :(
9. I wish you were here! We're going on a field trip in two weeks to learn about sustainable agriculture. I won't lie...it's MY field trip. I'm sure my kids could care less!
10. have you looked on craig's list? we found one cheap a few years ago that way.

Jude said...

I hate to say I am glad your photo is pixelated, but I am. Blogger started randomly doing that to mine and it made no difference if I uploaded large, small, from photobucket, etc.
Drives me NUTS!!!!!!
I am however extremely impressed that Simon has mastered the manual. and that you let him hold the camera. Impressive.

wish we could buy some beef with you :(

nicole said...

wow way to rock the manual mode simon...is he available for hire for some headshots?!

we are so going through the teaching of spending/saving/investing here too....love the idea of investing in silver or gold!

Brown English Muffin said...

When Simons done showing off his manual mode and breaking his mothers china...can he come and teach me!!! LOL

I still have that link bookmarked about the animals we "think" we're eating...I need to read it pronto...but why no lamb or goat in your house? I couldn't live without curried lamb or goat if I became a vegetarian!! LOL

Oh yes one last question...I don't recall if you cut off the cable or if you're just watching way less tv...if you still have cable you might like the show "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" it's on the Planet Green channel none the less!!! and I just love the show.