Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

::Simon and I went to Game Stop yesterday. I always thought those parents that harped on the violence of video games were exaggerating. In my innocent mind, I thought, "How violent can Mario really get?" Shockingly violent. And it ain't Mario. I didn't even see the actual games, I'm only judging by the ads. I'm not so naive that I didn't realize the graphics are well beyond Mario, but I just didn't realize HOW lifelike these "games" are. Creepy. It makes me want to research the link between violent video game playing teens and psycho parent murdering teens.

**This is as far as my ToT post made it yesterday. I will attempt to pickup with a Nine on (wed)Nesday.

::I sometimes say or type highly inappropriate things without knowing what they mean. Sometimes I catch myself mid thought, before I utter atrocities and other times, I find out after the fact that what I said did NOT mean what I thought.

I can't even give you the most recent example b/c I am so entirely mortified. I spent a large portion of last night laughing at myself and wondering if the three people who viewed my statement knew what it meant and just didn't tell me.

If I ever say something that is way out there, just chalk it up to my naivete. I am not trying to shock you, I'm just a clueless moron sometimes.

**This is as far as mine Nine on 'Nesday made it. Should I even attempt an Eight on Thursday?

::I must opine about this "looming gov't shutdown." It may not affect all Americans personally, but it could affect my military family very personally. Democrats said, Republicans said, Obama said...rhetoric, all rhetoric. The blame is going 'round and 'round, meanwhile there are families that need to eat. Is the government expecting a windfall? If they're broke this payday, won't they be broke next payday? As long as the citizens of this country allow the bureaucrats to spend spend spend spend(& spend some more), this problem won't go away.

::My little Feefs is sick as a dawg. He went to school just fine yesterday. Came home fine. We went to the Farmer's Market, he was fine. He fell asleep in the car on the way to Life Group and woke up with a slight fever. Today, it's full blown and his throat is on fire. I am pumping him full of vitamins{which I do every day, but today with more vigor. Same dosage, more vigor}.

::More vigor, because we have to have him 100% healthy by Saturday. Mr. T turns two on Tuesday. It is evident as ever in his behavior, my goodness. I've been wanting to invite a group to the river, b/c it's awesome. T's birthday is the perfect excuse. I am so excited. So far, we've got quite a crowd coming out.

::I am jumping into this Project Life thing. Thanks for the final push, Jude! :D

::Squinty eyes, non-looking kids and all, I love this picture.
::And this one.
::I so wish I could equip my children with the sarcasm of an adult. Some little jerk got Simon in the trash line after lunch. I guess all the kids, grades 1-4, line up to dump their garbage unattended and this kid says to Simon, "You're gay." When Simon didn't react, he said, "Hey! Did you hear me? I said you're gay!" I have so many witty responses that are entirely inappropriate for second graders, but...if I could corner the little _______, I would make him cry. Thinks he's a big, tough fourth grader. I am so proud of Simon, though. He handled it like Sean would've, completely ignored him. Poor guy, doesn't even know what gay means. I'm so glad I got to explain it to him<sarcasm>. What is wrong with kids these days? You know it's coming either straight from their parents or straight from the tv.

::Last point, hmm. What to say, what to say? I got nothin'.


Corey said...

yeah, some of those games are freaky scary! I'm keeping my kid to Mario and Lego Indiana Jones. Oh and Lightning McQueen. :) For as long as I can anyway.
YAY! another project lifer! Glad you were converted. :)
Happy Birthday Titus!! 2? My goodness. I wish I could go to a fun bday party at the river! that sounds awesome.
I HATE that Simon got teased at school. I know it's such a normal thing, but it just hurts me to know kids can be so mean, and really not even know what they're saying. I got teased a lot growing up so I think I extra hate it. Good for Simon for just ignoring it!

Jude said...

ugh, i hate when kids are mean, just to be mean! :(
so you got your package?!?!? :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I'm so glad you commented on these games....when people made such a big deal about Black Ops I thought to myself...what is the world coming to....why such a big deal about such a horrific game!!!!

As for the 4th grader...what goes around comes around...his father probably dresses up in his mothers under wear when he thinks no one's looking...

Oops did I just say that...oh boy...

You know what...maybe a very loaded question but what is your stance on gays? I know you're way more religious than me but I don't think I've ever heard you talk about.

Me, myself and I, I think each to their own and no one has the power to judge or cast the first stone.

I personally equate the hardships of the gay community similar to the African American hardships of the 60s. "Two groups fighting to be allowed to be different."

Not sure if I was born here and was African American and lived during the 60s I'd feel the same way but as I wasn't that's my 2 cents.