Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

-I am pretty sure my last library trip put me on some kind of gov't watch list.

-I can't stand being told I am inept. Especially when it's an area no one should be inept in. This really only means something to me. It is a reminder of something I felt this week. See Prov. 1:20-2:11 How long will you simple ones love your simple ways?

-This picture(though horribly grainy and out of focus...I was propping me camera on the edge of a dvd case, using the timer and dashing to and fro from camera to bed, trying to beat the timer and look unfrazzled and as if I was actually reading...all without laughing at myself and Sean's comments) is so our lives right now. I honestly can't remember the last time I watched t.v. I am so thirsty for knowledge in every area of my life from God to food, and a bazillion things in between, that I just read and read and read some more. BTW, Rage Against God has GOT to be the most boring book ever written. Seriously, yawn. Yet, I have to finish it. It's written by Peter Hitchens. Hitchens, ring a bell? As in Christopher Hitchens, probably the most well known atheist in the entire world. Peter is his brother, also once an atheist, but now a (very boring) Christian.
-Sean takes his GRE today. TODAY! This test has been on the horizon for years and it's finally here. **eta: he did great! Especially considering the amount of studying he put in. More than anything, he's just glad to have one more box checked on ye olde school checklist.
-Simon and Felix got along so well yesterday. So well that it deserves a spot in my post. They played a (loud, obnoxious) computer game together and as Felix helped me set the table, he made sure he was sitting next to Simon. As he does every single night. Last night was different, though, because he wanted to sit by Simon. "I like Simon. He's pretty cool," he says. I think he may have thrown in an attempt at insulting Titus, just to push the adoration of Simon over the top. He even ran all the way upstairs after dinner to get Simon the stool so he could finish his chore of putting dishes away. I wish every day was like that.

-I don't know what's up with the staff at Simon's school lately. I suppose everyone is just ready for summer. However, I don't think that excuses teacher's bad behavior. Personally, I've seen quite a few teachers fly off the handle at kids. I get that kids are aggravating. I get that some kids probably deserve to be spoken sternly to. But to out and out yell at a kid that isn't yours...that does damage. If you can't deal with aggravating kids like an adult, don't be a teacher. If you want to scream at aggravating kids like a lunatic, be a mom. haha. Kidding.

-On a similar note, when walking to pick up the kids at the end of the day, I have to walk against the flow of kids going to the line of buses. Kids are zombies these days. Nobody walks with their head held high. Nobody watches where they're going. Nobody pays attention to the world around them. Nobody has any confidence. It's like they're all drugged little robots.

-Does anyone in the San Antonio area know of a good farm where one might purchase real meat? Chicken, beef, lamb-farm raised, grass fed, non-meat glued(just search for it on youtube-barf), that sorta thing...

-Felix wearing his "Som-brella" on parade day.
-Same kid, exactly two years ago.


Dr. L said...

I know of several people who use food shed programs. You buy into a farm and get whatever products they have, including produce... try here: http://www.sanantoniofoodshed.com/

Jude said...

congrats to Sean... love the photo! if the boys always got along we wouldn't appreciate it like we go.
I refuse to google glued-meat. I am too chicken... get it.. haha. :0

Brown English Muffin said...

Hmmm wonder if I should click on the link provided by "Pro"...NOT!!!

Those boys really did get along, wow...what happened? and how long did it last?? LOL

I hate the GRE, I hate test period!!

I could never work with kids and I know so I'd never be a teacher...wish others would follow their calling.

I also wanted to note that my little one CANNOT read, a few site words here and there but she was actually looking at this (Don't worry my link is kosher, compared to that dubious one above!.

nicole said...

ok so judes comment has me laughing :)...

anyway love that photo! and love those days of perfect sibling bonds too... I haven't seen one of them around here though for way too long! probably because jack seems annoyed and bothered by all of us lately - i'm hoping it is just a "i'm turning 7 soon" stage.

Peter Hitchens said...

That is a really great picture of you grinding to a halt while reading my book (sorry, Googled myself and couldn't resist). I'm sorry you find it so dull,but wondered if you could go into more detail about precisely why you find it so tedious.

Patrick Garrett said...

Ms Amport;

Having trouble leaving a comment here - 3rd try now!

Anyway, thank you for this post; I found it while searching for content related to "The Rage Against God". I am sorry you did not enjoy it; I for one much enjoyed Peter's book.

I hope that was really him who replied above; what is more, I hope you replied to him :)

Anyway, nothing much more here. One can always enjoy comments on one's "blahg" [great name BTW].

Be blest ... I am encouraged to see much scripture infused in your blog; be encouraged in your faith today as you read this. Happy New Year.