Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1. He likes cinnamon toast for breakfast. His breakfast of choice used to be Cinnamon Toast Cruch, until we stopped eating crap in a bowl. Simple change, parallel taste and cinnamon has some pretty awesome health benefits(google it). He tells me often that he'll never love another girl more than he loves me, stemming from a conversation we had about marriage. I just want to remember those two little things about my boy.
2. He is obsessed with a little suction cup monkey that jumps. His little friend, Miram, got it as a punctuality prize and gifted it to him(at least, that's the story). He is obsessed with lego.com and asks to play the computer 24/7. He is a master egg cracker and I request his services often as cracking eggs when my mom was baking is a happy memory I have from my own childhood.
3. He looks for Felix as soon as he wakes up, then Daddy. Hearing him say, "Hi, Wheat," with sleep still in his voice makes my heart smile. Once he's figured out where his buddy is, he runs to the nearest window, shimmies up under the blinds and seeks out Sean's car, asking, "Da-y hum(Daddy home)?"
4. Those three pictures+these are from Mother's Day.
Wrote it all by himself, with no prompt. "That's some really good writing, Felix," Simon, the photographer, said.

Playing with my very first digital camera. How funny that I once cherished what is now fodder at the bottom of the toy box.

This boy has turned all self conscious on me. I wanted to pick him up and swing him in circles, hugging him at the school intersection the other day, partly to embarrass him, but more so just to squeeze him. Instead, I just patted him once on his bookbag and said, "Have a good day, Bud."

5. One picture, four people in focus.
One of a MILLION pictures with four people out of focus. A true, representative snapshot of the reality of my life.
6. Speaking of pictures, I have decided to start a business. I finally have the confidence to charge real money. I didn't expect to be getting jobs already, but it seems there are people willing to pay me for my services. I don't want this thing to take over my life, but camera equipment is expensive and I need a way to fund this hobby. If you haven't yet, "LIKE" my page on Facebook.

7. I'm out of points to make, because all I can think about is the chocolate chip cookies and fresh, cold milk waiting for me to finish this post.

8. Random point, random pictures. This kid loves to play on the stairs. His big brothers taught him the joy of jumping from higher and higher points. Luckily, he respects my love of unbroken bones enough to only jump from one stair up when I'm present. Not before testing me first, though, by pulling moves like this.
He found a pair of goggles that kept him entertained for quite a while and made him forget the joy of jumping.
Love them goggles. And guacamole. And yogurt. And milk. This outfit was <1hr. old at the point these pictures were taken.
9. I met a new farmer on Saturday. I saw him again Sunday at a different farmer's market. Hearing, "Well, hello again!" from the smiling face of someone who provides my family food makes me so stinking elated. We talked and talked and talked and my decision to go local in my food choices was validated once again. I have never once been recognized by a grocery store employee, but my farmers, they know me (and my boys!) by name.

10. I love this place. I love it and I never, ever want to leave. I love my neighbors, I love my friends, I love the places we go, I love our routine, I love the school, I love my farmer's markets and my farmers. Truth be told, I'm even starting to love the weather. I mean, some rain once ever six months or so would be nice for my tomatoes, but other than that...I still don't love the traffic, but it's doable. I guess realizing we're coming up on two years here and knowing we won't be here forever is making me really take stock in what we have here.

On that note, I can't hold the cookies off a second longer!


Brown English Muffin said...

Chrissy you're such a positive influence, thank you god for making our paths cross.

OMG the fire alarm just scared the crap out of me and now this moment is tarnished!! LOL

Corey said...

i love that your farmers know you and your kids. that is awesome. I really, really need to get on the farmers market circut around here. It's like they're all at random times or days (like sunday's only and during church) or in places I don't want to go (like the ghetto) LOL!there are more opening up this month though, so hopefully I won't need to go gang bangin' Ha!
I have so much more to say, but mostly...can you just make Simon stop growing? Dang that kid is looking so grown up lately. And that last pic of you two, and your words below... I just so know what you mean.

nicole said...

1. cinnamon toast is a big fav around here too.
2. my kids only get to crack eggs at my moms - they love it but i can't deal with six hands all messy with eggs.
4.gorgeous. (jack is starting to get that way too! :(
5.so true.
6. so awesome chrissy!
7.um. yum.
8.third child is always a crazy one.
9. so excited ours are finally starting to open up around here.
10.it makes my heart happy that you are so happy there!