Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 on Tuesday

Uno)MaFeefs was trying to get on lego.com while I was in the shower. Most of the time, he has no problem. Today, though, he just couldn't get it. When I started typing the letters into the browser bar, the list of his attempts dropped down: lego.kom, legoside(city).com, leggo.com, etc etc. He makes me smile.

Dos)I don't even want to touch on the crazy "prophesy" thing that didn't happen the other day. Ironically, though, I flipped to 2 Thes. today. I was actually going for 1Thes. and landed on 2nd and this caught my eye. God totally has it covered right there in His Word. This is 2 Thes 2: 1-3:

1Concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to him, we ask you, brothers, 2not to become easily unsettled or alarmed by some prophecy, report or letter supposed to have come from us, saying that the day of the Lord has already come. 3Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way...


Tres)Already, I am reevaluating some things when it comes to my business. I had several good chats this week with two highly trusted advisors (you know who you are) and they both brought up excellent points. In the end, it comes down to this: I am a mother first and that alone gives me the clarity of thought I've needed this week.

Waffles)I had a conversation about Rosa Parks with Simon this morning. He asked if I knew who she was. If I knew who tried to make her move to the back of the bus.

He said, "Do you think it was right what they did? Opinion."
I was all, "You mean, you want my opinion?"
Him: "Yeah."
me: "What if someone made you sit in the back of the bus because you're white. Would that be right?"
His was answer was no, of course, and I love that he gets these issues on his own with no help from me. How did so many people get it wrong when an 8 year old can figure the world out with such simplicity?
The funniest part of the conversation, though...
Him: "They marched after the bus thing. For a long, long time. Do you know who marched with her?Well, she was in jail, but they marched for her. Civil Rights Movement was her nickname." :)

Cinqo) I <3 Tuesdays b/c they are my grocery getting days. I was a little late to market, though, and totally missed the blackberries. Yesterday morning, we had almost two whole pints. I discovered Felix as he shoved the last three into his mouth as an after school snack. Dude. Two pints of blackberries in a day? Not by himself, of course, but still...

Seis) Last night we had a flank steak. Hands down, the best I've ever had. The kicker, I made it. Shyeah(That's how Simon says, "yeah" now. It's cute<shaking my head no>).

Siete)My problem with the aforementioned steak...I got it from a different farmer. I try to spread the love when it comes to local farmers. This gal was a bit cheaper, but I remembered to ask the pertinent question, "Do you finish your cattle?" Affirmative, dang it. I bought it anyways, just to taste the difference between completely grass fed beef and finished beef. The price difference was kinda, sorta, a little bit drastic. Like $9/lb drastic. However, and it's a big however, I don't like that a finisher labeled and advertised their beef as "Grass-fed" when it isn't. The farmer we're planning on buying in bulk from...I asked him yesterday, "Do you finish your cattle?" His answer, "Yeah<farmer head nod>...on grass." :) Oh the things that make me want to hug a man. High five, my Farmer!

Ocho)I finished two quilts today. I had forgotten how much I love that feeling of completion. I had forgotten how much I love quilting! Maybe not forgotten as much as I have NO TIME for anything lately. One of the quilts is an Americana one I started for-ever ago. Ironic considering...

Nueve)The D word(deployment) has entered the picture again. I know, right, already? Nothing official yet, but it's-a comin'.

Diez)Sean got home from work just in time to hear my fight with the computer. He thinks I should go to Target alone. I will definitely take him up on that offer. Actually, it was my idea, he just found it wise to agree. :)


Corey said...

1. awe that's so cute!
2. oh my gosh. I could go on and on. it was a big deal here since the guy was actually FROM Oakland (eye roll) and ironically there actually WAS an earthquake just after 6pm Saturday. Small but, oh how people talked. ugh. And Sunday our lovely pastor put it all in line just in case anyone wondered LOL! It says right there we will not know the day or the hour.
3. mother first! :D
4. I just love how kids think!
5. sounds like our house. i can not keep fruit in the house for more than a day or two. it's all gone!
6. so...recipe? pretty please. i love flank steak.
7. 9 bucks an lb difference?? wowza. so...did it taste different?
8. ok, well now you have to show us. I so want to make a quilt. i just don't want to have to do all that cutting.
10. ah, smart man. i love target alone :D

Brown English Muffin said...

1. I would say bookmark it, but it's way more fun reading his attempts!
2. no comment, bat crazy, though all these tornados (during tornado season) made me second guess for a second.
3. :0)
4. Out of the mouth of babes, ouch!
5. You've got me back to loving grocery days! Other wise I used to just go to BJs/Costco/Sams twice a year shove it all in the freezer and I was DONE! My snapper, cauliflower mashed potatoes, spinach and mango salsa last night for dinner was awesome, nothing PROCESSED!! Yeah!!!
6. Off to see what this finishing school for the cow is all about LOL
7. Did you high five the farmer? You should have.
8. Pics please!
9. :(
10. Did you know they have a Target Credit card? I have only one credit card and I don't need any more in my life but I had no idea they had one and you get 5% back on all purchases. But I'm sure if you don't pay the bill off straight away they make 5% X 20 RIGHT back!!

Jude said...

i can't answer each because you used a foreign language, and long about "tres" I will lose my place and look stupid.
BUT... If the "D" word happens again, you need to come HERE! (oh, and in sept, you drop the wee 3 in SC and book the same flights as me, ok? K. Deal. :) )