Friday, May 27, 2011

ahh, Thursday

We were out pretty late last night, partying with our church folk. We decided to let the kiddos play hooky and head to the river. Back up two sentences...I just had another moment of, "Cover up, you're showing your age." Late has taken on such an entirely different meaning over the last eight years...sheesh. I'm embarrassed to even say what qualifies for late anymore. Moving on.

Kids skipped school, we all slept in, life was grand. I felt like maybe I was coming down with something, so I was a bit hesitant to readdress the river idea. While walking downstairs to tell Sean to call the doctor, it became more apparent with every step, dun dun DUN(that's Law & Order climax music if you weren't making the connection)...kidney stone.

Luckily, I was able to collapse into a heap on the floor and will the monster away. I stand firm on the idea that if you can deliver a kidney stone, you can deliver a baby. I would take triplets over a kidney stone any day. God, lest you're a reader, I'm only joking. Just a little literary flavoring. Unless, of course, it's triplet girls to even things up around here. Then...maybe. Seriously, though, kidney stones are no joke and I am super thankful this one was quick torture instead of drawn out for days.

I was able to milk the situation enough to have lunch prepared for me while watching Mrs. Doubtfire with the kids. Good times. By afternoon's end, I was able to run to the post office with Simon and even do a round at Costco for laundry detergent. Funny how something so small can be so unbelievably painful, but once it's gone, voila, life as usual.

It is now Friday afternoon and I never finished or published this post. I really ought not title things pertaining to days of the week. It usually takes me several days to write a post. I can't not publish a post that has to do with bodily functions, though, so...

Friday has been awesome, thus far. Simon woke up with a stuffier nose than he did yesterday, lots of drainage and a cough. Right about the time I made the mom-call to make him go to school anyways, he started fishing around for other ailments. Y'know, there's three more days of school and he hasn't missed a-one, so I let him stay out again.

Two of our favorite little people came over for a bit and I got to imagine having five kids of my own. Yeah...that's tough. You moms of more than three have my respect, for sure.

Tomorrow, we have the Farmer's Mkt and birthday parties X2. It's gearing up to be a super fun holiday weekend. A photo or two...

Showing Felix our green beans:
Home grown veggies just seem extra delicious. :)


Corey said...

A kidney stone??! Oh that sounds horribly painful. I'm glad it was over quick! Hope you guys have a good weekend. We're up at Pete's parents for a few days and it doesn't feel at all like summer. It's freezing :-/

Jude said...

a kidney stone? is it from all the bacon?!?!

Brown English Muffin said...

Judes comment had my dying as usual!!!

I think passing any kind of stones is painful no? Kidney, Gall Bladder...I'm glad I've only experienced child birth, and even that wasn't fully after they cut me open and pulled her out.

I can't wait to pick from my garden this year!!!