Sunday, May 29, 2011

aw, Simon

Titus escaped to the back yard last night as I was watering the garden. I decided not to fight the battle about pants. Looking at the pictures now, I think maybe it was a battle worth fighting? Simon came out a bit later to play with him and cuteness ensued. The pictures were taken directly into the sun in the harshest light of the day, kids were filthy, shadows were prevalent, but...what are you gonna do?

Simonster, sometimes I forget what a good big brother you are.
 I forget until I catch a glimpse of how he looks at you.
I forget until I see a little display of affection.
I forget until I see how much you help them...and me.
 I forget until I am beyond done taking his shoes off and wiping the sand bits from between his toes...
 & see him give you his puppy dog face...
 knowing you'll take his shoe off and dust between his toes when Mommy won't.
That's when I'm reminded, you are awesome.

If you could please show a little bit of that awesomeness to the Feefs, it would be much appreciated by yo Mama. Just a little less, "He his me in the face with the AX!(it was a nerf ax, no worries)" would do just fine. Maybe you could lay off the, "We were wrestling!" excuses as a reason for throwing him into the dresser. I guarantee he would show just a little bit of awesomeness towards you, too.


Corey said...

Awe I love big brothers :-)

Brown English Muffin said...

He really is the sweetest little boy!!!

Jude said...

he and lincoln... so much alike!