Friday, May 20, 2011

date night

My awesome mother-in-law sent us a gift card to Texas de Brazil for our anniversary. Swank-Y. I mean, swanky enough that we never would've gone without a giftcard. :) They had a trapeze artist to fetch wine bottles. It was a little strange in an oompa loompa kinda way. She was just there. On a wire, behind glass. Doing flips the entire time we were eating.

I would love to go back again with a group. They had an amazing salad bar and enough meat to make you have to massage your jaws between courses. Other than a hair(that was not mine) in my prosciutto, it was a lovely meal.

We had a new sitter come. Titus didn't take a nap yesterday, so she definitely earned her money. Simon said he was super clingy to him. :( And that he cried for "like 30 or 40 minutes" when she put him to bed. Surely not. The boy does tend to exaggerate. Either way, I felt really bad. Poor little guy must've been whooped 'cause he's still asleep.

He's all about the bedtime stall tactics. His new thing goes a little something like this:

me: attempting to cram the alphabet into his tiny, two year old brain. "Can you say, 'A?'"
T: "No."
me: "B"
T: "No."
me: "C"
T: "No."

The entire alphabet. When that's done, because I'm persistent/think it's freakin' cute, he starts with his, "Daddy com-een?" Daddy does robot or helicopter moves and noises when he puts him down.
Tonight, after another day of no naps + playing in the sprinkler, he was a little feister with his "Nos." His response to every letter was, "No, I not say, 'A.'" The entire alphabet. By 'G' we were both gettin' giggly. *sigh* I love that kid. I can't believe that little booger is already speaking full sentences, saying words like, "quiche," and carrying on conversations into a play cell phone.

Every day, after school, Felix wants yogurt. Heaven forbid the other not get in on the wow-it-smears-and-get-into-every-nook-and-cranny action. I love the way he licks his lips when he's got schmutz. That's what got the camera out, but not what the camera captured...

It's a lot funnier if you watch it in fast motion. The whole exchange was less than 10 seconds long, so imagine it as a short film. I tried to make it so, but Blogger is rejecting the video for some reason.


Jude said...

haha. love it.
trapeze and wine... interesting!

Brown English Muffin said...

LMAO if you scroll really fast it totally becomes a movie!!! Sorry the geek in me in humored!!!

By the way he has his own yogurt bowl, so what exactly did he want? Felixs yogurt as well?