Wednesday, May 18, 2011

is it Tuesday?

1. My neighbor put manure all over his yard. We thought it was dirt. Oddly enough, he's the type of guy that puts, "Keep your dog off my grass!" signs up every year. Dog poop, he doesn't like. Cow poop, he brings in by the truck load. Go figure. I for one, do not appreciate the smell, being downwind and all. Maybe I'll come up with a "Keep your stench in your own air space!" sign.

2. Is it just me or is facebook getting tougher to use? I don't care from the personal aspect, but when I've spent two days uploading an album to my business page and it eats it...that gets old.

3. We officially have a place to stay when we go to Boston, and it is not a hotel, but rather, a vacation rental. $200+/night for a Best Western? Nah. I'm so excited that it's not just another bleached out, disgusting carpet, echo-y hallways hotel. I hope it's as awesome as it looks online.

4. We found a freezer on Craigslist. It was way bigger and WAY($250!) cheaper than one we almost bought brand new. Holla. I can't wait to fill that sucker up with farm fresh meat.

5. Oh snap, I touched on farm fresh, I must proceed. I read this the other day. All the statistics are pretty concerning, but this one stuck out to me: Only 9 cents of every food dollar goes to the farmer; 10 cents goes to Phillip Morris(a major player in agri-business) and ConAgra(mmm, chemicals).

No farmers, no (real) food.

6. An interesting read. I read this stat in Food, Inc. Currently, over 400 chemicals can be regularly used in  conventional farming as biocides to kill weeds and insects. For example, apples can be sprayed up to 16 times with 36 different pesticides. None of these chemicals are present in organic foods.

I have to say do you like them apples?

7. I'm not a freak about organics. I realize the industry as a whole is being taken over by Monsanto(just read some of the articles, it's sickening), thus turning into a money game, much like the rest of the food we eat. That "USDA organic" label does not reassure me. The same USDA allows chemicals, GMOs, HFCS and other poison into the non-organic food. Why would I think they're looking out for me by labeling something organic? Organic farmers pay for that label one way or another. This is a big reason I've gone locally grown for 90% of our food. However, if there is an organic option while at the grocery store, I still reach for it. That's just the way my brain works these days. The argument that "we all have to die of something" as an excuse to eat horribly doesn't hold water with me. I fully understand I could get run over by a bread truck, toting loaves laden with HFCS at that, but I'm doing what I can.

8. Just one more point about food, then I'll quit. I heard this story recently. What is this country coming to? Seriously? A police raid on a small dairy farmer and many actual criminals roam our streets? Just do a local registered sex offender search for your neighborhood. See how many actual creeps are out there. Our gov't used our tax dollars to take down a dairy farmer for selling milk. Really. THIS is why when people say they think McDonald's should be wiped off the face of the earth, I say...nope. While I agree completely that McDs has absolutely no place in the food chain, it is people's right to eat there. If you want to die young, if you want to ingest who knows what, if you want to fill your kids chock full of bread that never disintegrates, BY ALL MEANS. On the flip side, if you want to drink the milk God intended(how many generations thrived on unpasteurized milk?), you should have the freedom to do so and to do so more easily than driving out to some farm in Timbuktu. That's just my opinion. 

9. Ron Paul for President. Actually, that deserves two spot on this post...



Brown English Muffin said...

You HAVE to watch this 5 minute video of Jamie Oliver showing people how their beef is treated with Ammonia makes me want to hurl!!

Corey said...

1. i'm so glad I don't have neighbors that close anymore!
2. Yes, it is. I hate that when you push 'enter' it just sends the message. ARGH! plus, photo uploading is a beeotch.
3. Oh, that sounds so nice! I hope you guys have a great time! I want a vacation :P
4. I told you! YAY!!!
5. I'm going to pop over and read that one in a minute. but yeah, no farmers = no food.
6. crazy, isn't it?
7. I'm not really a freak about organics either. I'm probably not as afraid of the chemicals as I should be. But what I do not like is unnecessary chemicals or products in food I eat. It just doesn't seem right. I'm more on a path of 'natural food'. Because if God made it, in moderation, it should be just fine.
8. i would have to agree!
9&10: :D

hippo chick said...

Glad to be back. When are you going to Boston? I LOVE Boston. We went for the first time two summers ago.

~hippo hugs~

Jude said...

so does this mean no more chick fil a for beth when she visits you?!?! ;) lol