Monday, May 02, 2011

manic monday

Just a few pictures of our Sunday evening. I can't process our awesome weekend yet, but there's a big post about that coming soon.

This is what took place upon returning home. My baby grew up just a bit more.
I really wasn't all that sentimental about it 'til I started paying attention to Sean's guiding hands on our boy. Then Sean started watching me, waiting on me to cry.
It's just that I still think of myself as this young, fresh outta highschool type girl. I don't think of myself as this woman responsible for the churning out of three men. How did I get here? How did he get here?


Corey said...

I can't look!
Just because I know exactly what you're feeling. (and I'm older than you but I still feel fresh out of high school lol)
Gah. Simon looks so much like a KID kid here. Like not a little kid but a BIG BIG kid. How did this happen?

Jude said...

make it stop.

nicole said...

i'm with jude. make it stop. bike riding and lawn's all too much!

Brown English Muffin said...

When I first laid eyes on the pictures I though the same thing as Corey that he looks like a BIG KID not a little big kid.

So did you cry?