Monday, May 23, 2011

teen girl

After a particularly stressful day of trying to figure out an order form for the "business," we decided to head to Jason's for dinner. T was tired, the other two weren't listening overly obediently and I was having a crappy hair and face day.

I assumed incorrectly that Jason's wouldn't be busy.

As we settled into a booth, I overheard a girl and her mom fighting. Not hard to do the way they pack the tables in at Jason's. Also not hard to do as girl was yelling quite boisterously at her mom. As I went back and forth filling up drinks for my knuckleheads, my opinion of this girl child changed.

At first, I was thinking, "If her mother doesn't smack her, I will." Then I rationalized that a moody teenage girl with utensils at her disposal may not be smack worthy. At that point, I'm not wantin' to get stabbed having already paid for my salad bar.

After seeing the snarl on the girl's face, I gave a quick prayer of thanks that I'll never have to deal with an attitudinal teenage girl on a personal level. No estrogen filled backtalk coming my way. No tampon tizzies up in my household. Good luck to all of you moms that do, though. ;)

By the time I got back with my salad, the situation had diffused some as the dad had joined the picture and seemed to put a damper on the cat fight. Watching the mom and daughter sit there rigidly, not talking, not eating, tears in the girls red-rimmed eyes, I just wanted to hug her. I wanted to snatch her up and say, "Don't you get it? Your mom loves you." And then I just wanted to cry. I actually did tear up a little bit at the thought of me being a teenage girl, treating my mom the same way she was treating hers. I wanted to tell her that one day she might live thousands of miles away and give anything to be eating a meal with her Mama.

Thus began my overly emotional weekend. I've been tearing up over the most obvious things lately. God things, kid things, a husband who does a million things that I take for granted, family things, friend things, future things, past things. I just have a lot to be thankful for. It's a good, good feeling.


Corey said...

thank you for showing me my future lol! megan is only almost 5 and she already gives me the stink eye on a regular basis and argues with me about her wardrobe.
Oh but i love her. i love her, i love her. And I hope she knows that 10 years from know when we're fighting over a salad bar. :)

Brown English Muffin said...

it's funny....why don't we just get it at that age, why is there no way for our moms to make us just get it at that age.

why do we only get it when like you said we live thousands of miles away....

is that all just part of the evolutionary chapter and it's not actually time wasted but time spent developing a relationship be it good or bad?

And p.s. if you're getting emotional of late are you preggo?

I know that's a rather forth right, nosy question but you know that's just me right? :0)

Jude said...

tears mean it is time for a visit.
visit time...