Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: LifeGroup edition

It's high time...

1. First things first, what is a lifegroup? In our experience, it is a group of 9 couples that gets together once a week for dinner to discuss life, current events and most importantly, spiritual matters. Our group consists of people from all kinds of religious backgrounds who now consider themselves plain ole Christians. The discussions we have! Oh man, if you could be a fly on the wall.

2. We've been a part of this group since October. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week.

3. This weekend, we took a trip up to Lake Travis for the weekend. Not everybody from the group was able to attend, but 30 people total bunked in four houses. That's a lot of togetherness. We all came back better friends than we left, so I count it a success.

4. I got choked up a couple of times throughout the weekend. There's such a feeling of belonging that you can't help but feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such a group. As I was snapping some pictures of baby Cal while his parents were out doing synchronized water skiing, I got emotional for more reasons other than that the stinking military is taking them all away from us. This little baby and his family are a part of my story now. I will know them for always, all because a neighbor mentioned this little church up the road. There's no coincidence there.

A very real God orchestrates my life and I am ever so thankful for this chapter.

5. This group is more Church than any established church I've ever been a part of. The conversations we partake in, the genuine personalities in the group, the challenges put forth, even the disagreements that come up in a heated, iron sharpens iron kinda way. It's just fun and real and TRUE. There is no gossip. People don't put forth prayer requests in a, "We should pray for so-n-so b/c she's fornicatin' with my cousin's sister's brother-in-law's neighbor. Oh, oops, you didn't know that? Well let me tell ya...in the name of Jesus."

They're the kind of people that I know I can count on.

6. I mean, really, how could I not love these people?
7. Ok, so LG only gets 6 points. I have to wind this around to Mother's Day somehow. I didn't realize it was this Sunday. Just in case I have any independantly wealthy children out there that I forgot about...who happen to read my blog...Mommy really, really needs a 50mm 1.4. I'm hoping Sean will get it for me just to shut me up.

8. I guess I can't not say anything about the fact that Osama is dead. I won't say much, other than this: if I ever come down with blown kidneys, send me to Pakistan. Hot dang, they must have the best nephrologists in the world. *shrug* I kid. It's been interesting to waste time on Facebook, reading peoples comments. To be honest, nothing will change, in my ever so humble opinion. Osama's been declared dead 9 times since 2001, how is this any different? The timing seems a bit convenient and the dumping the body overboard thing, even more so. I think the media will put our troops in more danger. I think people are taking "their" word for it, much too easily. Again, this is just my opinion and I really don't care what anybody else thinks, especially when it concerns something the vast majority knows nothing about.

One thing the FB outrage did prove to me is that every one cries out for justice. I think it's incredibly revealing, especially when so many people don't believe there's a Hell. Then why do our souls cry out for justice? If there's no Hell, where did Osama go? What justice was served? Ceasing to exist or going into an eternal sleep is not justice for what he did.

 9. Two pictures from the weekend that I love:
10. On that note, Sean has just made me some fresh guacamole. Adios.


Anonymous said...

Miss ya'll! Guac sounds pretty good right now!

Corey said...

1-6: Wow, first--How FUN! I'm so glad you have such a group. It's hard to find for sure. Next month we're going on our church retreat. Can't wait!
7: oh yes, you need the 1.4. as do I :)
8. yeah, the FB stuff is really annoying. I'm a little hesitant to celebrate myself. The first thing I said was: show me the body! and then next: stay vigilant, America.
9. he's looking A LOT like Felix these days. wow what a cutie.
10.oh I love guacamole. yum!

Brown English Muffin said...

Ahhhhh Chrissy...you're always right there inside my head...I kept getting pestered for what one might want for mothers day...finally last night before I even read your post I said, "I need a zoom lens" that's what mother wants for mothers day...and here you are with a lens.

Now take in mind I know nothing about lenses, I hardly know much about my camera even after taking the day long course. But I DO know that I want to take close up pictures WITHOUT being right in the persons face....

Is this lens too much for a layman like oneself??? :0)

nicole said...

-looks and sounds like an awesome group of people! so great that you have something like that to be a part of!

-jeff said he had an idea for my m-day gift and he's "pretty sure" i'll like it. i'm a bit worried :)

-i want to post so much about OBL...but figure it is best to just keep my comments to myself too. what i do know- we know about 1% of the story and who knows how much of that is even the truth!

-i could squeeze that boy!

-guacamole is one of my top five weeknesses :)

Jude said...

wow, an overnight?!?! your LG is BRAVE! LOL :)
titus is too cute.

I think you saw my status in regards to all the stupid stuff i was reading.