Sunday, May 29, 2011

What am I?

We attended two birthday parties on Saturday. Both were kind of eye opening, but in different ways. The first one was a friend of Felix's that I don't know overly well. There were at least three other military families present, and I think two more showed up during the party that I didn't get to chat with. Of the three families, one currently has a deployed member, one has a member in training to deploy and then there's us. And we aren't too far behind any of 'em.

I don't talk much about my views on this war. Some of my friends know how I feel. I don't even know for sure that my family knows exactly how I feel about the war. I don't want to come across as unpatriotic, especially this weekend. I will say, however, that my views have changed over the last couple of years and having Sean deployed only solidified those feelings.

I guess the feelings of deployment carried over into the second party where I met some people that share my views. They shared my views, not just about the War, but about the economy, politics, vaccines, food, etc etc etc. It was so refreshing to be able to speak so openly about such taboo subjects and have people not look at me like I'm crazy.

There is a lot that I don't talk about on here, due to the wide open internet and due to the controversy surrounding a lot of things I'm passionate about. It's just hard to have something I so firmly believe mocked by people I consider friends. Or to have people take something I've said on my blog and twist it or use it against me. I hold back. Hard to believe as I just posted an entry about something as gnarly as a kidney stone, but it's true.

It's tough, though, because I live my life wide open. I live with my eyes and ears open. Unfortunately, I also live my life with my heart wide open. I trust before I doubt. I love before I'm hurt. I give before I get.

These fellow party goers and I were talking about the way people label us when it comes to food choices, mostly. "Hippie" was the common word we've all heard before. I am the farthest thing from a hippie. I wear a bra and shave my legs. I detest tie-dye{sorry, Jude}and I think peace is fine, but unrealistic in this life.

It's hard to keep myself in check sometimes and not come across as a freak. Like yesterday at the first party when she pulled out the cheetos and candy that didn't even have a label. I can't know what I know and allow my kids to ingest this garbage. It's not as if I tackled them and wrenched the high fructose corn syrup from their lips. I kept my cool at the party and simply threw the candy that they weren't able to hoard into their gullets away when we got home. I don't make a scene in public, but I have become one of those moms that doesn't let their kid drink soda. Aside from the HFCS, look at the amount of fluoride in a can of coke. Astounding. If you think fluoride is a good thing, I don't even know where to begin.

Actually, I do know where to begin. Google, Manhattan Project. I'm in the middle of the Fluoride Deception and I am just so outraged. Simon was formula fed. The doctor told me to use Nursery water with fluoride added. How many kids are still prescribed fluoride tablets? It's insane. And we just accept it b/c it's the way it's always been. We accept it because we don't know any different. When you look at the connections throughout history and see the fraud and coverup in these industries relating to food, water and big Pharma, you just can't stop. Google <phrase removed::just learned about Vegi-libel laws> for another good start. Just start reading.

I put in tons of research before I bought my camera. We put in tons of research before we bought our motorhome. For a house, you research. For cars, you research. Why do parents stop researching when it comes to their kids? We vaccinate without researching, we medicate without researching, we eat and drink with reckless abandon until we weigh 400 pounds and THEN we wonder. And THEN, we're outraged.'s too late.

I used to justify eating crappy because it didn't matter, weight wise. I could eat and eat and eat and it never mattered. Sean, too, to a degree. The difference is that he saw it at work. He sees people dying every day as a result of the way they lived in their youth, stemming from their nutrition. High cholesterol, Diabetes, Iron Deficiency, Alcoholism, Congestive heart failure, Obesity, nearly every medical condition is related to how you eat.

I hate it when people say, "I eat McD's and I'm fine." FOR NOW! Wake up, people! I ate SmackD's, too, I can't point the finger. I am passionate, because I was there. I justified. It was too expensive to eat healthy. Too time consuming. Too too too too...There are people that smoke and never get lung cancer. There are overweight people who never develop diabetes. How do you want to go out? Don't you want to have a say in your health? Educate yourself.

If I'm labeled a hippie or some kind of health nut, so be it. Those of you that know me, know that's not it at all. I am passionate about what I'm passionate about, Truth. I tell people about Jesus because He is the Truth. I tell people about the crap in our food because it's the Truth. I read and soak this stuff up and it's so disheartening, I have to tell people. How can I not? When you see the greed behind it all and the connections that seem to run through these industries. When you realize the people creating things are the same people regulating them. When you connect these GIANT dots of corruption and realize every single thing in this world is about the almighty dollar, it is so very sickening and you feel so utterly deceived and stupid that you have to tell the world.

I do hope that I never seem condescending or haughty. It is your right to eat what you eat. I just feel like so many people eat without knowing. They think just one can of soda with every meal(afterall, there are people that drink two) is okay or a weekly 1/4 lb-er is fine(afterall, some people eat there every day!) because they've never been told otherwise. Your health doesn't depend on everybody elses. It's the one thing you have some say in.

The more I read, the more I am able to understand why kids are so unhealthy, why people are so fat, why there are so many diseases out there, why everybody and their mama has all correlates. You are what you eat.

Watch or Read:
The Fluoride Deception
Food Matters
Vaccine Epidemic
Food, Inc.
Omnivore's Dilemma
Fast Food Nation

Another book that doesn't touch on food/drug matters but is a super important read for all Americans:
Creature from Jekyll Island


Jude said...

i am staying ignorant. is that bad? (don't really answer that... hahahaha!)
i love you, even if you are a non tie-dye loving organic food hippie... :)

Corey said...

I am so guilty of overusing the word hippie! But just like you, I'm becoming more and more like them everyday. People laugh at me. People say How do you have time??! Why would you want to make something when you can BUY it at the store? Well because I know if I make it, I know what's in it. And surprisingly enough, my family likes it better. And I ENJOY it. :-) I'm not quite as far along as you but I'm getting there. And I appreciate what youre doing. You're a good momma!

Brown English Muffin said...

Did a "friend" really mock you??? Well at least you found out now I guess...rather than later.

I just want to say AMEN to every single thing you've said in this post.

I guess I'm a wanna be tree loving hippie....can i take off my bra now??

I'm like Corey I don't mind taking the time as now I know what's in it...I'm actually having fun watching and wanting all the processed food out of my house. I only have 1 ream of oreo's left but tons of snacks...healthier than most snacks at that, but still with labels of crap I can't pronounce and that's not cool with me.

I knew I was finally there the other night when a mcdonalds commercial came on late at night, and normally I'd want whatever they were trying to sell me...but this time all I could think about was how it could sit for 7 years and never still baffles me it really does!!!!