Thursday, May 05, 2011

Yes I did.

A friend of mine posted this video on Facebook forever ago{hi, Aron!} and every time I do anything, I can't help but quote the, "Yes I did." **Sidenote: I can't figure out if a comma is needed in this sentence. I do believe I could go with a comma or without. In my head, there is no comma. Please don't judge my entire post and repetition of the phrase if a comma is, in fact, needed. **

Last night, it was the dishes. I washed a ton of dishes by hand. Our dishwasher didn't work when we moved in. Instead of fixing it, our owners found it cheaper to just replace the entire thing with the crappiest dishwasher ever made. After months of dishes coming out dirtier than they went in, I finally concede. Instead of being frustrated, load after load, I will just hand wash all of my dishes. Eco-friendly, right? Or something like that. "Did you wash all those dishes by hand?" I was asked. "Yes I did." And I will from now on.

This morning, shortly after sunrise, post dropping Simon at school, I decided cinnamon rolls sounded simply scrumptious. In my new food world, cinnamon rolls do not exist. Pillsbury is not healthy enough for my liking and the Immaculate Baking Co., while claiming to be all-natural, still does not make a nutritious breakfast bread item. Did I make cinnamon rolls from scratch? Did I jump in with both feet measuring cups before reading all the steps? Did I throw caution, time, and lack of experience when it comes to bread baking of all kinds to the wind? Yes I did.

Four hours later, after much kneading, rising, punching, rolling and flouring, they are just about ready to go into the oven. Chock-full of less refined organic sugar, sea salt, real butter, unbleached/unbromated flour, a farm fresh egg and a few other wholesome ingredients. Yeah, baby(random article that all ought to read).
Back to the rolls: During the first round of rising, we took a bike ride, the little two and me. Dropped the Feefs at school and pedaled around on our way home.  After that, transplanted five tomato plants from their pots on the porch to the lovely, rock filled soil surrounding my garden. After a month of not growing at all, this is their last chance. Produce or be slain, my babies. I have one that is growing at a tremendous rate, within the boundaries of the real garden, and five lagger behinders that were in pots. Totally not relevant to my blog post, other than that it was one more thing that I could say, "Yes I did" about.

**eta: The cinnamon rolls are done and they are delicious. Seriously, delicious. I can't decide if they're worth the four hour investment, but...delicious. I will never again hear the pop{you know the sound of which I speak} of refrigerated dough in my house again.

While waiting for them to be cool enough to ice, did I do anything productive? Why, yes, yes I did. T-monkey mentioned the need to do some business and I set him up to go the big boy way. I explained, "Laeken goes on the potty. Emery goes on the potty. Jack-Jack goes on the potty. Fill in the blank with every kid we've ever known goes on the potty." He was excited, boy. He was determined. To encourage him a bit, I told him, without thinking it all the way through...obviously..."If you go, I'll give you a piece of candy." 3-2-..."Want down. Na-Y. Want Na-Y. Mommy, Na-Y." Oh boy. There isn't actually any candy or anything that closely resembles candy anywhere within even walking distance of my house. Did I break my boys heart? Did I dash all of his hopes upon the rocks? Did I cause him to pitch a bare hiney fit throughout the entire downstairs, complete with stomping, hitched breaths, shrieking and attempted strikes at the woman who delivered him sans epidural? Did I thwart any progress in the potty training dept.? Yes I did.
Clapping for my cinnamon rolls. Notice the residual tears in his eyes.
Looking forward from noon, I still have some food products to buy. I'm taking some Mother's Day snaps for a friend. I have a package to pick up at the P.O. and five to finish and mail. I have pictures to edit and Project Life to catch up on. Laundry in the washer and dryer and some folded, ready to put away.

I must add, after picking up the two bigs from school, that they both give a thumbs up to the rolls, too. I thought I may have embarrassed my eldest this afternoon. Upon walking his bike to school to pick him up, gouging my calf with the pedals, I decided to hop on and ride the thing to school. I figured, grown men ride little boy bikes and they put it on tv. What's the harm in a woman, pedaling slowly up a hill on a bike too small for her? None. I got revved at by a man-boy on an actual bike, but other than that, no harm, no foul. Simon thought it was funny and in my head, I can add another, "Yes I did" to my list.

 Not sure why they both make this face while eating. Especially when the item is so danged delicious.
I said, "Simon, close your eyes and pretend it's the best thing you've ever eaten in your entire life," and got this:

Wow, Chrissy, you're amazing. All that in one day? How do you do it? Are you an unglorified Martha Stewart? Amazing, do-it-all kinda woman? A mother with cooperative kids that are good nappers?

Or. Or. Or...did you just leave your purse in your husband's car that he drove to work 40 miles away on a base that you can't even gain access to thanks to your military id being in said handbag, thereby stranding yourself at home, forcing productivity?


Yes I did.


Corey said...

hee hee! oh I love this post. Everything about it. From homemade bread, to gardening, to bribing kids with things you don't even have, to leaving your purse in the car. We are soul sisters I tell ya! And now I want to say Yes I did to everything!

Jude said...

haha... love that spam comment above ;)
i am sorry to say, the "pop" will still be heard round here. well, that and the rrrrrip of the trader joes frozen croissant box! ;0
did I just say that?!?! yes, yes I did.

World of Sawyer said...

this made me laugh. :) especially the bike ride's mental picture. Super job on the cinnamon rolls!