Friday, June 10, 2011

Boston, for my memory

**can't post pictures yet. Sean's computer has full Photoshop and I can't figure the sucker out. I'll post pics when we get home. The intended reader of this blogpost is me. I wrote all this down so I can relive our trip when it's over. The rest of you may find it incredibly boring. Sorry for that. :)
Travelling without kids is so easy. It leaves room for spontaneity and ease. We were able to grab our one bag and roll. We had a moment at the SA Airport on our way out. This pimply faced, little two striper was trying to get up the elevator with a broken leg, while carrying his crutches and rolling two bags behind him. You would think by travelling in his blues he would be able to attract enough attention to get some help. My dear, sweet husband asked him if he needed a hand. I thought it would be helping him to the top of the elevator and then finding our own gate. No, no. This kid had no clue what he was doing or where he was going and he wanted Sean to figure out his flight plan for him. Sean ended up walking him all the way to his gate on the complete opposite end of the airport from our airline. That kid, who can’t figure out the San Antonio airport and still has the acne of a twelve year old girl will be defending your freedom, America. And may God bless him for it. :)
Arriving in Boston, we’ve quickly figured out the T and gone all over the city with no strollers, no diaper bags, no sippy cups and no whining.
We found our apartment with ease. It is literally across the street from the water. It smells a little like gerbils and amoxicillin in the common area, but our apartment is nice. The lock is finicky and we have to whisper sweet nothings into it to coax it open while wiggling and jiggling the key. There is no internet access as promised and our alarm clock on day two was a jackhammer. Other than that, I love this neighborhood. We are smack dab in the middle of Little Italy and the smells (other than our building) are to die for.
Day 1, we trekked all over the North End. We found Faneuil Hall and a nice little seafood restaurant just inside Quincey Market.
The fourth game of the Stanley Cup finals was yesterday. Geez, Louise, these Bostonians take their sports seriously. We’re staying about two blocks from the arena where the game was won. We heard yelling and gunshots/fire crackers well into the night. It took us a while to hear real Boston accents. The first was a guy walking by a bar full of Canuck fans, “Puck the Nucks! Puck the Nucks!”
We headed over to a Whole Foods for some breakfast goods. That’s where we heard super legit, just like in the movies, Boston accents. The manager was kicking a drunk guy out because he was acting like a moron and the intoxication was apparent by his odors. The manager politely asked him to leave and all of us in the produce section got to hear the drunkard demand that he do something entirely inappropriate. The accent, though, made it entirely hilarious.
On our way back to the apt, someone asked us for directions. Apparently, we aren’t that Southern after all. Or…he didn’t notice the camera ‘round my neck, the folded map in Sean’s back pocket or the book bag that screams “tourist!” Mentioning we’re from TX, got, “Ah, almost as hot as he-ya, uh?”
Not quite, Pal. They are in the throes of a heat wave. It almost made it to 95 today, ha! The grass here is green and long and lush and I touch it a lot. There are so many trees that shade the sidewalks. We’re able to wear jeans and they don’t even stick to our legs. Hot? Not quite.
At the end of the day, we walked across the street and people watched at the harbor. We saw a massive group of jelly fish and took in the tail end of a softball game that was chock full of questions by Sean about girls that play softball. I couldn’t answer a one of ‘em.
Day One was entirely exhausting, but fabulous. I had forgotten just how much fun it is to hang out with my best friend. I miss my bo(y)zos, but…does it make me a bad mom if I say, “Not that much?” According to Sean, I “talk a big game.” I did notice six separate parks within walking distance that they would love. And several souvenir shops they’d have a heyday in. And we’re so close to a firehouse. I found myself tugging on Sean’s sleeve this morning as a fire truck passed. I guess I am missing them. Just a little. J The walking would be impossible with kids, though. I can only imagine the whining that would occur.
Day Two started out with rain. Actually, it started off with jackhammers. Then thunder, which it took a few minutes to figure out. Then rain.
Sean’s allergies started going nuts thanks to all that green grass combined with the “rich history” of our apartment. Rich history means old. There must be mold, judging by the amount of tissues the poor man has been through.
We escaped to a 7/11 where they had a cute little pharmacy. $12 for Benadryl later, we meandered out to find a coffee shop. It was so awesome to watch Little Italy start the day. All the shop & restaurant owners shouting out greetings to one another and hobnobbing in the street. Bread shops and bakeries on every corner; yes, please! We took note of which Panini shops and pizzerias we want to try.
Sean’s allergies were still going nuts, so we took refuge at the North Church. The history was amazing and I took some pictures. From there, we walked out to a courtyard with an Afg/Iraq War Memorial. It got me a tad choked up seeing all the dog tags there, honoring every soldier killed in the two wars. Then I got a little ticked off watching a school group walk by. The few kids that did slow down to take notice didn’t know what dog tags were. Really?
On our way to another pharmacy, we spotted Paul Revere on his horse…wearing a Bruins jersey. They are quite proud of their team around here. J After more tissues and more antihistamines, we walked and walked and walked some more, finally getting on the T and heading for China Town.  We got a Japanese Sandwich for $3 and it was a million times better than the $18 lobster roll I had yesterday. I got a little homesick passing Shabu Shabu, some little Chinese restaurant. That’s what Titus calls shovels.
The evening ended on a lasagna note. It was fun to people watch as folks darted around in the rain.
I’m not sure how Sean is still standing with the amount of antihistamines he’s ingested. Actually, he’s not still standing. He’s passed out, thus the typing. I haven’t taken nearly as many pictures as I thought I would, but I am genuinely in the moment and enjoying every second. If we only get one kid-free vacation per decade, I’m not wasting time worrying about exposure and lighting.  
Beacon Hill, Sturbridge Village, SoWa Sundays, The Islands, Boston Common, Boston Tea Party, Cheers, Rockport & definitely another trip to Chinatown is on the menu.
Day Three…I’m praying for no allergies from the man half. It really put a damper on yesterday. Get it? Snot? Damp? Yeah…It is kinda chilly today. Only up in the 70s and even the locals are wearing sweaters. Kinda regretting that I only packed tank tops. I wrongly assumed that everywhere is hot by June.
We still have no internet, which makes trying to find things aggravating. I feel as though we’ve stepped back a century, having to use paper maps and brainpower. I’m all Christopher Columbus now. Give me a ship and I’ll find you a new continent.
I think we’ll hop up a street to Hanover, the greatest people watching street, according to one of our travel guides. I didn’t notice the people so much as the pastry shops. Mama needs some coffee and a bear claw to keep things interesting.
Afterwards, I think we’ll hop on the T and head for some junque shops. Sean is sure to put up a fight, but I’m cute, so…
Picking up where I left off as we finally have internet!
We headed over to the USS Constitution first thing this morning. Did you know that Old Ironsides earned it’s nickname in part due to Texas? The oak used to make the impenetrable sides of the ship…live oak. J
We ended up in China Town again. Yummy banh mis keep calling me back.
One thing I’ve noticed about this town is that people are very loose with the swear words. They use the F word with such gusto; I hardly think they mean anything by it. I thought we were witnessing a crime earlier this afternoon. Turns out, it was just two buddies, discussing the hockey game.
After the yumminess of Chinatown, we headed up to Beacon Hill which turned out to be a giant waste of time. I went in search of aforementioned junque shop and found not a thing.
Pizza was on the menu for dinner. Not before I came home and fixed my hair, though. I’ve been wearing one of my favorite hats for two days so I don’t have to bother with my hair. Wash and wear, my favorite style. Sean never mentioned that I looked like a dork. I caught some lady’s eye and decided to ask. “No, not a moron,” he said. “More like a private investigator.” What?
We had the most amazing pizza in the world while watching the fifth game of the Stanley Cup with a bunch of locals. Rounded out by(three bites of) a Mike’s Pastries Canoli and I surrender. The food of Little Italy wins, but I certainly enjoyed the fight.
Tomorrow, we conquer public transportation beyond the T. I’m still having a blast, but Sean says some of my gusto is gone. I’m getting homesick for my little people, even though I know they don’t want me home. Grandma has been pumping ‘em full of root beer and popcorn. Taking ‘em to the Zoo and Chuck E Cheese and swimming and on daily bike rides. She said she had to wake Simon up today. That kid wakes up if you crinkle a carpet fiber by tiptoeing too heavily. They’re gonna be so so sad when she goes home.  
Off to sleep a non-kid delayed sleep. Followed by sleeping continuosly through the night due to not having to remind certain children to potty. Concluded with waking whenever the heck I wanna, not induced by legos hitting my door.


kimrairdon said...

Ha! I love it! Not boring at all. Your writing is so vivid I can actually picture you two walking all around Boston... I'm so glad yall are having a blast and glad you aren't wasting time worrying about exposure and lighting :0)

Can't wait to hear the rest when you get back!

jessica said...

Yes, what Kim said!
Miss you and kluv and can't wait to hear more

Corey said...

I love it! it sounds really, really fun! and dreamy...just you and your man. Ah! I die! It sounds so romantic. ♥ I'm sure you do miss those littles though. The longest I've been away from mine has just been a day or two...and that was a really long time ago!

Dettao said...

sounds so great. I wish I could do something like that

Jude said...

so glad you are writing it all down and having fun. and the north church! too cool :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I didn't think I would EVER enjoy a post this long with no pictures.....but I just LOVED this post. You have to do this style at least one a year....talents :0)