Monday, June 20, 2011


I may have started the morning off a little snarky. I may have farted around on the computer a little longer than I meant to and woke all four boys with a bit more urgency in my voice than intended. I may have said, somewhat unlovingly, "Sean, we have to leave for church in thirty minutes." on my way to the shower that he may have needed to use. I may have replied a bit unlovingly when he asked where his coffee was, reminding me that he had coffee and breakfast made on Mother's Day. I may have called today a Hallmark holiday and thrown in an, "Oh puhleeze!" or two.

About three minutes in to the church service today, I had to take a big gulp of conviction.

I take for granted that my kiddos have a dad. It breaks my heart that that is not the norm. In my opinion, the breakdown of any society starts with the breakdown of the family. Not to stereotype, but a family is usually broken down by the father. I get that there are exceptions, but for the most part, you hear about dead beat dads, not moms.

It's not natural for a mother to abandon her children, but it almost seems accepted when a father does.

I appreciate that I had a dad that raised me. I love that I can celebrate my father as my dad on this day. I believe there is a difference in those two words: father and dad. It is truly a celebration when one man embodies both roles.

I thank GOD I found a man that does.
Two out of four making goofy faces...I'll take it. It was hot, we were in a hurry and a wasp was circling. Two out of four in focus...I'll take it. Four out of four didn't want to be taking stinking cheese, posed shots anyhow.


Corey said...

I've missed so much on your blog! I've been really sick and then we were gone all weekend. I'll try and catch up! In the meantime...Happy Fathers day to Sean!

Anonymous said...

Well said Crissy! You guys have a beautiful family even with that big, tall, goofy guy in the middle;). -Josh

Brown English Muffin said...

where's the "like" button!! LOL