Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lisa & the mismatched quilt

I've been meaning to tell this story for quite some time. Today has been an emotional roller coaster, so why not top if off with another story that has a happy ending. Lisa gave me permission to share last night, so here we go. My Grandma said that stories usually accompany quilts, so I was glad I could attach some meaning to this quilt beyond the crazy cute threads.

Lisa is the funniest, sunniest person I know. She's been through the loss of her brother, a marriage to a Marine, a deployment, a long set of illnesses and subsequent loss of her father, a miscarriage, divorce and pregnancy. All but the first two were within the last year. She is super tough and I really can't box Lisa into a set of words. Those of you that know her get that.

I guess I don't have much to add beyond the letter.

Dear Lisa & Jackson,
I assume you looked at the quilt before reading this letter. Let me explain why this quilt doesn’t particularly match.  The front was made a while back when baby #1 was announced to the world. In my mind, I saw you with a little girl that looked just like you and I guess that’s why I made the quilt top a bit on the girly side. When that baby went to be with Bud, I tucked the quilt top away, not really knowing what I would do with it in the future. It had become your baby’s blanket, so I couldn’t finish it and give it to someone else.
Lo and behold, you, Baby Jackson, came along. J
Not too long ago, I pulled that quilt top out of my cupboard. Looking at it now, knowing you’re a baby boy, I considered scrapping the whole idea and starting over. Once again, though, I was faced with the fact that that blanket was meant for Lisa’s baby.
I picked the back to be the more boyish side and thus this story is finished. A quilt that has a front and back that don’t quite match, but a quilt that has a story.
As I sewed, I prayed for you both. Lisa, that you’ll never forget God picked you to be that boy’s Mama. That you’ll laugh more than stress. That you’ll cherish the little boy antics to come for every ounce of their worth. That you’ll realize just how quickly it all goes. Take lots of pictures, give lots of hugs, discipline instead of punish.  Know that Jackson is God’s first and yours second.
Jackson, I prayed that you will grow up to be a strong boy, who knows he is loved by people he may never even meet. That you will recognize the roots you were given and know that even when your Mama is being hard on you and doesn’t make a lick of sense, she’d doing what she does because she loves you more than life itself. I prayed mostly, though, that you will grow up knowing the love of a very real God.
This quilt was made with love for you, little boy. A token that was meant for your big brother or sister that is now yours. After all, it’s only natural for the little brother to take things that belong to their older sibling. 
God bless you both as you begin the greatest journey ever of mother and son.
Love, Chrissy


Kimberly White said...

Beautiful - the story & the quilt. I pray while I'm quilting too.

Brown English Muffin said...

made my eyes swell, and if I tear had dropped it was worth every tear.