Saturday, June 18, 2011


Week 9:
 a report card, a hilarious note from a girl in Simon's class, birthday invite
Week 10: I decided to put a mix of Boston pics in with pictures my mom took. SO glad I snatched her pictures before she left. :) T schedule&ticket up top. That's part of a Benadryl box+a coffee cup wrap and a piece of the box from Mike's Pastries(Dude, cannolis are nasty. The same cheese shouldn't double for lasagna and pastries. It's just not the way God intended).

The reason I do this. That's T's little finger pointing at Lauren. He called her "My name" for the first few days. She asked him the first day, "What's my name?" and it stuck. He looked at the book until I had to take it away because of how aggresively he was flipping the pages.
While I was wrestling the monster away from my book, Sean was doing this:
Seriously, five minutes with a sharpie. I was like, "WHY aren't you drawing amazing things for my walls?" Simon didn't believe he drew it. He's been showing it off ever since Sean had him sniff the Sharpie and sniff the hat for proof. :D


Jude said...

i cannot comment on anything other than the eagle hat. why why why have we not been utilizing Sean's talent for our own crafty gain?!?! I am going to buy a white hat tomorrow and send it to him to personalize! ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

wow your boys are destined for great artistic futures...I had no idea Sean was so talented...