Wednesday, June 01, 2011


1. Titus has discovered Cars. The deja vu occurring in this house is incredible. "I wa-watch it!" he whines, "MY chuck."

2. Simon on the first day of school/Simon on the next to last day of school. I had to triple check the date on the first picture. It's just the's just the's not just the hair. :(

3. I don't know if it's birth order or what, but I can't stand to be patronized. I mean, I don't know many people that like being patronized, but I can't just shrug it off like your average normal person. I can't chalk it up to, "Oh, they're stupid, who cares?" It affects my entire day. I don't like people poo-pooing what I have to say because of my age or the fact that I'm a girl or because I'm simply unassuming. I don't think people know exactly how smart I am b/c I don't flaunt my awesomeness. I am freakin' brilliant, I tell you. Take my word for it.

4. On that note, I also don't like unwarranted "advice." When someone says, "What you should do is," or "What you should do is," or "What you should do is..." I stop listening. I ask for advice a lot. From people I trust or from people who have experience in things that I do not. I love garnering wisdom. I do not love having people tell me what I should do when they haven't got a clue themselves.

5. I interrupt. A lot. It's something I'm working on. I have a lot to say and sometimes...ok, most of the time, I cut people off before they've completely finished their own thought. It's rude and I don't like it about myself and I'm sorry if I've ever done it to you.

6. I had a particularly bad day yesterday, regarding points 3-4. I feel like I'm on the shore, yelling, "SHARK!" to people in the water. And in reply I get, "The water's warm, it feels great." And I'm like, "Yeah, but...SHARK!" And in reply, "Hush, Killjoy. I'm having fun." And I'm all, "But it's coming for you and it's going to bite your leg off." And in reply, "But it might not." And then I walk away and find a stretch of ocean for myself that is just as warm, just as fun and has no sharks in it. Do you get my analogy?

7. For every one person that thinks I'm crazy about this food thing, I have three that are calling and emailing me for advice. I'm good with that. It's kinda humorous to me, actually. A confidante of mine told me to look up a verse in Ezekiel yesterday. I had to chuckle when I read: "Go to the children of your people, and speak to them, and tell them, whether they will hear or not." Eze. 3:11. I'm paraphrasing just a little. It just makes sense to eat the way God intended is all I'm sayin'. If He wanted cheesy poufs to be a main staple in our diet, or if smiley meals were meant to sustain us...He'da grew 'em on trees. I've never seen a natural flowing stream of soda. Yes, fluoride is a natural occurring element in nature, but that doesn't explain why "they" need to add more. Just look for yourself at all the ways fluoride affects our health. It's NOT just about teeth, though dental fluorosis is a sign that something is stirring in the rest of the body...

8. Titus's phrase of the day is, "Noooooo, Moooooooom." Mom, ha. The big two don't even call me mom. T also spent a good five minutes this morning screaming, "siiiiiiiiiiigh!" at the foot of the bunk bed. It took me a while to figure out he was asking to play the DSi(Simon keeps it on the top bunk, under his pillow). He just figured out how to access the big two's voice recording. How nice. I will be having a chat with them about the ten minute long recording of, "lalalalalalalalalalallalalal I haaaaaaaaaate you alalallalalalalalla you're stuuuuuuuuuuupid lalalalalalalalala poopoopoopoop booooooogers(in rounds, with inflection and vibrato even)."

9. The last point about me, because really, I wanna talk about me. I am an extremely happy person. I have a wicked temper, don't get me wrong. I think that's why God gave me red hair, as a warning to those around me. I seem all genteel and what not, but you should see me after a day spent quilting, dealing with kid interruptions all along(what am I, a mother?), only to finally reach the point of sandwiching the quilt to see, SON-OF-A...the back is 2 inches too short all the way around. I bet I made demons snicker. It was bad and I am not proud, though, somewhat amused looking back on my childish behavior.

In general, though, I am a super happy, easy going kinda gal. I laugh at myself a lot. I laugh at others even more, in a nice way, of course. I trigger songs in my head. Like when I text Sean at work, "When ya comin' home?" I totally answer it out loud with Cat's In the Cradle lyrics. Unhappy people don't do things like that.

Despite what I've learned about the economy, politics, this country, the war, big pharma, our food supply, the push to undo every single thing this country was founded on, etc etc etc...I'm happy. I know how this story ends. I'm passionate about what I can do for my health and my family and our wellbeing while on this earth, which I fear comes across as belligerent sometimes. A lot of the things I choose to look in to can be quite depressing, but I don't let it get me down. It's just fuel for my fire to appreciate the changes I'm making and to encourage others to do the same.

10. See? Happy. Simon caught this one of us on Memorial Day. That's my guffaw face. Only Sean can get me to this point of hysteria. :)


Corey said...

1. boys and cars are cute!
2. I can not believe Simon. WOW. He looks so...little in the first pic. And so different in the 2nd. :(
3. you are brilliant!
4. You know what you should do about that? Oh...nevermind ;-p
5. I have never noticed you doing that.
6. I totally get your analogy! People are listening, I promise!
7. See...tell them whether they hear or not. :)
8. haha don't you just love that voice recorder?! My kids come up with the funniest stuff. It does kind of grate on my nerves when they repeat it over and over and over!
9. I seriously laughed out loud at the red hair is a warning to others. It's so true, isn't it?!
10. LOVE! you guys are so cute!

Brown English Muffin said...

2. No it's NOT just his!
5. Ooooh you have the same issues that I's so hard to control it as well.
6. Just let the darn shark get them after you've told them 3 times!! Once that legs gone they'll understand.
7. I can't believe in any world that people think you're crazy about this food thing? What is there to NOT get?

Jude said...

i am surprised someone thought you unhappy?? I would describe you as "happy go lucky" even. but then, i have heard people call me cheerful and micah and I both chuckle!
I had a total mommy mean melt down when one of the boys turned off the oven timer and made me miss my ebay auction for an ever coveted, and local pick up, typewriter. it was blue. it went for $11.56. yep, and now you are thinking my anger was understandable right? and that folks, is why you and I are friends. (even if I keep eating 100 calorie packs of baked cheetos. shark! hahahahahaha!!!!)