Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. I love the airport.

2. I freakin' hate the airport.

3. On the topic of conflicts, I saw a commercial(cable in Boston. Good reminder that it's a huge waste of $) the other day to end childhood hunger. Just moments later, another commercial fighting childhood obesity. Think on that one for a sec and come to your own conclusions. I have a few...

4. I'm going through a period of having no control over a whole bunch of things. Oddly enough, I'm completely at ease. There's a somewhat lengthy TDY in the discussion. Deployment stuff coming down the pipe. Sean's school application will be leaving his hands just as soon as the call comes out. Possibly moving as our homeowners are putting the house on the market. While I would love nothing more than to stay in the boundaries of this neighborhood, I realize that's somewhat unrealistic. Which brings me to my next point:

5. Simon told me today that he wants me to homeschool him. I'm kinda surprised at the points he brought up and am trying to work my brain around it. Felix also gave his opinions on homeschooling and they were very well put. They both want in. I'm just not sure if I want in yet. Moving would certainly decide for us. Simon is bored in school and I think it says something about him that he notices the lack.

6. My mom had a blast with the kiddos, pumping them full of all kinds of junk food. Simon is saying phrases like, "Let it fly."

As in, "Can I have a root beer?"
me: giving him the non-verbal, "What do you think?" look
Him: "Let it fly. Just this time."

In all seriousness, I am so so lucky to have a mom that I can leave my kids with for such a long time. She took them all over San Antonio, which is a HUGE feat in and of itself. Driving in this town is no joke, especially if you aren't from here and especially if you have my kids in the backseat. Bringing my niece was a great idea and I hope the others filter through here at some point this summer. I hate that I have to watch them grow up in pictures that are rarely taken, never posted for me to see(hint hint, sisters-o-mine).

7. I had a really good time in Boston with the man half. Five days was a bit long to be away from my babies, but I'm glad we had the chance to go.

8. Today, we went swimming and out to dinner with friends. I must comment on my new favorite restaurant. This particular friend feeds my fire when it comes to health topics, so she banked on me loving this restaurant. Spot on, my friend. It's a SOL(sustainable, organic, local) restaurant(squeal when you say it, it's worth getting excited about). The Cove will definitely be a new Tuesday(kids eat free)hang out for us.

9. My wee one did sustain a head trauma at their playground, but is fine this eve. He fell between the top rung of the ladder and platform of their swing set. It was horrible and made me feel like the worst mother ever. Sean did a pretty thorough check of him when we got home, but I called the nurse line just in case. He seemed fine, walked fine, talked fine, beat up his brothers fine, ate fine, no puking, no leaking, no dents. BUT...the kid fell five feet and had a pop knot big enough for a calf to suck on(that's Roy D. Mercer, right there). Everybody decided he's fine, but it's going to be a long night of waking him up every few hours.

10. I miss this kid!


Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up. The Cove? Where is this? Poor baby T!!! J had stitches last week :( can't wait to catch up!

Jude said...

Let it fly, too funny! LOL ;) Your mom is a rock star!