Tuesday, July 12, 2011


1. This song has been firmly lodged in my brain for three solid days. It's a gift worth sharing. No need to thank me.

2. I get tons of info from this site and I think everyone should get his e-newsletter.

3. Titus says, "potch-et(pocket)" and "wipe(white)," in the cutest way imaginable.

4. When chatting with the big two about deployment, Sean asked, "So what do you guys think about Dad deploying again?" Felix answered matter-o-factly, "I'm gonna say, no, I don't want you to go to Afghanistan." As if we get some say in the matter. :D

5. Baby wipes will remove sharpie marker from DSi screens. Just a helpful parenting tip.

6. Finding a two year old with a sharpie, scribbling on a $200 toy will make a mama flip her wig. Just a helpful childing tip.

7. Another tip, while I'm at it: the greatest punishment of all is rewarding the better behaving sibling. I'm pretty sure it breaks unspoken parenting rules, but when a certain five year old didn't respond to my repeated requests to stop making fart noises throughout the entire duration of a Target trip, even to the point of laughing in my face when I squatted down in front of him and used my your-noises-are-the-straw-breaking-my-camel's-back voice...the punishment went up a notch. He went to bed earlier than the rest and it ate him up. He did not like knowing the other two were downstairs watching a movie while he had to get in bed. Oooooh mama, I have found what works! I actually figured that trick out long, long ago, yet I always seem to forget it.

8. Speaking of fart noises...This morning, on the way to swim lessons, we were behind a Rico Suave at a major intersection. He was in a tiny, little, BMW convertible, puffing on a cigarette. He was finger brushing his long hair and trying not to make it too obvious that he wanted an audience. As he was checking himself out in the rear-view, I couldn't help but calculate all the differences between his world and mine. I had a kid screaming for a "KEY! KEY!(cookie), while hurling everything that wasn't a cookie to the floor. I had another kid off in his own head, humming some tune over and over and over and over again, while wearing his swim goggles, complete with the flapping straps round 'bout his temples. Lastly, I had the third kid who decided the silence was too much and rattled one off the back seat that lasted the remainder of the red light. It was horribly disgusting, but hilarious.

Such a stark contrast, yet, I was laughing hysterically while he was concerned with who was looking at his lone self in his girl car. I'll take the stinky minivan every time. Well, maybe not every time.

9. Since my kids are already portrayed as shining stars today: I won't say which one, but his first comment this morning, "When I peed this morning, the bubbles floated around and made a heart." At least they see the beauty in stuff...?

10. Obviously, I am out of points to make. Let me sign off before I start talking about feminine hygiene products. Though, I do have a lot to say about a new-to-me product. Email me if you want more details. :D


Jude said...

1. I just had the three wild boys around the computer watching. Lincoln is already humming it ;)
2.is this going to make me never eat out again?
3. i ♥ him
4. :(
5. good info
6. did ya' go all mommy dearest?
7. oh yes, early bedtime is one of my favorites ;)
8. i would have mooned him. kidding. sort of.
9. aw, pee-pee hearts!
10. ok, i am curious...

nicole said...

oh my word...#9 made me laugh out loud! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

You middle child sure is living up to being a middle child....such character, he'll never ever be easily forgotten that's for sure!!