Sunday, July 17, 2011

birth order

Blame it on birth order, I love nothing more than to annoy the crap out of this man. He's typically quite grouchy before heading in to work. It brings me no greater joy than to pick on him during that last golden hour before he heads out. Plus, it really is the best lighting of the day.

A few days ago, I was taking some pictures of the kiddos in said wonder lighting and asked, "Hey, would you let Simon get some pictures of us together?

He hesitated. He thought about arguing. He thought about resisting, but finally gave in with, "I know if I don't, you'll just keep bugging me til you get your way."


Here's Sean, complaining about taking pictures. That's me, looking on with sympathy, as if I would actually say, "Okay, you don't have to take any more." As if.

He knows he can't put up too much of a fuss because the pictures were already in progress and he knows I have no shame in posting pictures of his grouch face on the internet for all the world to see. :)

Just to keep things going, I stuck my pinky in his chin dimple and asked him if he knew where that came from. Friends, duh. He was not nearly as amused as I.
The man hates to have his face touched. Not sure what that's all about, but it makes me laugh.
I got him again the next day on his way out the door. I can't help it, I think it must be a trait God put in women to be attracted to men in uniform. I wonder if women of yester year went after those in suits of armor.
I dunno, I don't like ironing Sean's uniforms with modern conveniences. Polishing a suit of armor as a wifely duty, nah.
He gave me the hand. The hand! What more encouragement could one need to continue clicking in someone's face? :)


nicole said...

cute photos of the two of you! at least he knows that he better just go with the plan :)

Melissa said...

great shots of you both :)

Niki hill said...

Poor Sean! It's like Micheal said, God gave us red in our hair as a warning...they thought they could handle it ;)