Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Chicken Fillet,

*Do NOT read this post if you follow the whole, "ignorance is bliss" philosophy.

**Do NOT read this post if you love a certain fast food resaurant known for their deep friend chicken sameeches and there is NOTHING that would ever disuade you from eating there.

***Do NOT read this post and then hate me for ruining your love of a certain chicken sameech.

****names have been changed to protect me from them. But...I think you all can read through my crafty renaming.

*****Do NOT read this post without clicking on the links. I did all the searching for you, all you have to do is read. Educate yourself, seriously. The ingredients are NO joke and they are in a LOT of food.

Moving south 'round about my twelfth year, Chicken Fillet became a regular figure in my life. Going to school within smelling distance, we ate there often.

After volleyball games, we ate at Chicken Fillet. Once we could drive and leave the campus for lunch, we ate at Chicken Fillet. FIVE DAYS A WEEK. There were other places sprinkled in, but CF was the main staple for a whole lotta kids. We met there for prayer breakfast once a week in high school. I met Sean at Chicken Fillet. I fell in love with him in the second booth to the right of the door on South Irby Street in Florence, SC. After getting married, I worked at a Veterinarian's Office that was literally next door. I ate there even more than I did in high school. The smell of deep frie(n)d chicken is one this homegirl knows well.

Living in a small town with few options and a small budget, we ate amidst the cow posters a lot.

Once we moved to Phoenix, it was a familiar place. Our kids were of the age that they were eating kids meals and Tuesday nights offered us the opportunity to save a lil dough. It became a regular thing, Tuesday nights at Chicken Fillet. We missed the chicken when we moved to Seattle, but were reunited shortly upon our return to the Carolinas.

I requested Chicken Fillet to avoid the hospital food after giving birth.
I was eating a Chicken Fillet when Helena called to tell me she was having twins.
Our last family meal before the deployment was at Chicken Fillet.
My first meal with the boys after he left was at Chicken Fillet and I burst into tears over some song they were playing.
Our first family meal when Sean came home from Afghanistan...Chicken Fillet.

To say that we've spent thousands of dollars on chicken sandwiches over the years would be an understatement. Two number ones with sweet tea+two kid meals with fruit+polynesian and honey mustard. Our order for the last 7 years.

When we started this healthy food journey, I ignored CFA while researching. I justified them b/c their chicken separates naturally. It just seems more real than the chicken at other fast food places. I didn't bother looking at the ingredients that make up their dipping sauces. They're CFA, they wouldn't use unhealthy ingredients for the sake of the almighty dollar.

I have always supported the stance that CFA takes on family, faith, community. I love that they are a family friendly restaurant that plays family friendly music.

Then one day I took a peek at the dipping sauce.
And then I read about what is in their chicken sandwich.
Sigh. Sorry folks.

Shall we start with the easier to swallow info?

Dipping sauces:
Well, here's my favorite one. Click on any one of the ingredients to read about it. Even I was shocked by what some of them can do to the body. One thing they don't mention under the soybean oil is the GMO aspect of soybeans. Not sure why, but any time I see "soy" of any form these days, a red flag goes up.

Here's their own ingredient list. Any of those seem familiar? How about monosodium glutamate...MSG ring a bell? Pops up twice in this recipe. Dimethylpolysiloxane, just another disturbing ingredient that SmackD's has taken a lot of heat for. Yet, CF has it in their nuggs, too. Hm. Do you really want your kids eating an ingredient that is used in caulk, shampoo, heat resistant tile, the list goes on. Don't miss the healthy yellow & blue pickles!

Back in the day, this was my typical meal. 1115 calories for lunch. No wonder people are so fat in this country.

Oh snap, I feel a mad on comin'.

Let me just end my "Dear Chicken Fillet," title with:
"With all do respect, me and mine have not eaten at your restaurant in several months and will no longer be a patron of your restaurant from this day forward. I regret ever having fed my children your 600+ calorie kid's meals. You are no better than your fast food competitors and you do it all behind the name of our Savior. For shame!
Until you rework your menu,
an ex customer."

The actual letter I sent them:
I have eaten at C F A for the past 15 years. I have been a loyal customer in SC, NC, AZ, and TX. My family of 5 has spent thousands of dollars with your restaurant b/c we've always supported the Christian/community tone and business philosophies of CFA. I fell in love with my husband in a CFA, our last family meal before his deployment and the first upon his return to America was at CFA. LOTS of big moments spent in your restaurant.
Imagine my disappointment when I took a look at your ingredient list. The number of preservatives,high fructose corn syrup, MSG, dimethylpolysiloxane, blue&yellow dye, the list goes on! The controversial ingredients you use, combined with the outrageous calorie counts of your meals are astonishing. You are no better than your fast food counterparts and it is done behind the name of Jesus. I am truly sickened and you have lost the business of my family until you choose to use quality ingredients that have no links to health problems that go so far beyond just obesity. I truly hope someone in your company has an attack of conscience and decides to value your customers for more than just the dollars they bring.
Thank you for your time,
San Antonio, TX


Kerrie said...

Ha! I knew I referred to them as "Sick" Filet for a reason. I have always disliked the food there and only would succumb to the desires of the boys. No more, now I have a good excuse, thanks Chrissy!!

Melissa said...

I too was of the thought that CFA was healthy bc it was chicken. Thanks for sharing the truth. I actually didn't care when it was schoo fundraiser night at CFA bc it was chicken! Just bc they call it chicken doesn't mean it is, right?