Sunday, July 10, 2011

going, going, going

Friends spending the night

sending our kids off to spend the night

     lessons+Ft.Sam pool. Strangely, the kids do MUCH better at lessons. Felix even said today, "Well, I trust my swim teacher, I don't trust you." And why not? I only gave birth to him.

     what we can live without, packing what we need

      everything that has value

movie going
      Cars2 with the little ones

question asking/answering
      "How is there a whole family with brown skin?" To which I replied, "How is there a whole family with white hair? It's just the way it is. God made all kinds of people, but loves us all the same." Moment brought to you by(drumroll please), the middle child. Did I answer correctly? It felt like a failed parenting moment b/c I didn't get to really dive into the subject, but he said it on our way in to the movie theater and the convo kinda fizzled out when he went to investigate a quarter machine.

Eating out for the first time in FOR-ever.
     I count it a HUGE success when the eight year old says, "PLEASE can we eat out? We NEVER eat out!" It was only a necessity as someone was coming to see the house. Lo and behold, they ended up canceling at the last minute and it was a wasted meal. Luckily, we ate at the Cove, so I still felt good about the food choices made, even if it did cost a small fortune. Note: only eat at the Cove on Tue. nights!

Humbling ourselves
     It's funny how we work things out in our heads and make plans accordingly. Things never work out how we plan 'em, so why bother, right? All in due time and all in His will. Just taking it one day at a time and waiting. We're in a good place. Life is fun and I can't wait to see how or where we end up in the next few months.

     for what I can prepare for. At this point in the game, it ain't much. I just bought Singapore Math for Simon and that is all we have for third grade. We have an idea of what we want for the rest, just have to make the decisions and order it! We're kinda stuck on Science for right now. Any advice, homeschoolers? Corey, I think you mentioned one, but I can't find that email.

     about a FB message I got earlier today. It was from another person being awakened to a new way of eating and it is so, so, so encouraging. Once you see the connection, there's no turning back.

Not documenting
     It's the tenth and I only have two folders in my July file. No good. Oddly enough, I got two new camera toys this week and I should be excited to get snappy.

     on Monday. Hopefully, Sean will get some stuff figured out and that will aid in the purpose-less planning!


Jude said...

you have a lot on your plate this summer... hang in there!! :)

Corey said...

The science we're going to try out this year is called Nancy Larson Science
It's not cheap but everything you need comes in the kit, so that's what i like about it. Since I haven't used it yet, I can't give a proper review. But online reviews seem to be pretty good. It's one of those try it and see things and I'm going to risk it.

Melissa said...

such the busy bee you are.....
i'd love to know more about what kind of meals you are making since cutting out all the processed crap. please share :) i want stuff that's easy and doesn't require like 50 steps and or ingredients i must search all over for.

Brown English Muffin said...

Wondering if that fb message might be me...but I honestly can't think this far back...and I know the world does not revolve around me so it could clearly be some other poor lass that just seen the light on the processed junk...

Brown English Muffin said...

P.s. did you tell me about that blog of Might be good for Melissa? just a thought.

Oh I nearly forgot I just knew your answer to F would be "Why did god make a whole family of cream skin"...but like you said that's just way too deep of a conversation for the movie theater....