Saturday, July 02, 2011

Hello, Blog

I haven't been blogging much since summer began. Too much life to be living, but I want to remember it all! My brain has not shut off since school got out, so herein lies the problem. My brain is going, my heart is going, my camera is going, but taking the time to jot it all down has gone by the wayside.

This whole post may be entirely random, but I've got two kids farmed out to a neighbor's and the other kid with his Pops. MUST take advantage of the quiet, kid free time. SHOULDN'T spend it blogging, yet here I sit; typing, sipping coffee, eating a cookie and editting pictures. Really, life doesn't get much better. :)

Two weeks ago, the airport was a great place as we welcomed home two of our soldier Mamas. If you haven't seen the pictures on Facebook, why are you still reading my blog? GO! LIKE! SEE!

This week the airport sucked as we sent of another one of our own(several days early, at that). The only good that has come of it is that I got to spend some one on two time with his wife and baby girl.

Watching this whole thing play out from behind a lens was more emotional than I thought it would be. It brought up so many feeling from when Sean left, but that wasn't even what got me weepy. Watching a friend go through what I went through is what got me. Knowing that sick feeling of dread and trying to squeeze in six months worth of kisses and pats and hand holding and don't forgets, it's just sad. I am so glad she didn't have to go through it alone.

S&L hung out with us for the week. I'm not good at being a host. Having houseguests intimidates me. I always worry that I'll forget to give them something essential like...soap(I didn't). Or their bed will deflate(it did). Or my kids will get aggravating(SURELY so). They won't like the meals I make(it has been reported that my salad was restaurant worthy). They won't be truly comfortable in my abode. Mostly, though, I worry that I'll run out of charm.

I realize now that I had/have nothing to worry about. I'm actually quite charming. Having houseguests is something I should TOTALLY do. And will. If any one of you is in need and doesn't mind an air mattress...bring it. Come one, come all.

The only thing that is total crap about having houseguests is that you get used to their noise. You get used to the weight of 'em on your hip(no worries, adult friends, I will not try to pick you up). You get used to the little girl cuddliness and squish of little baby. You get used to having another adult to talk to. You get used to thinking they'll always be there and then...they're gone. Just like that.

It's actually a feeling I've been dreading lately. Another of our military friends is moving away and it's no good. The deployments and the PCS-ing that is just part of our life, stinks. I don't want to be Christmas card friends with these people. I want to be, "Are-your-kids-driving-you-nuts,-too? Let's-go for-dinner-so-they-can-destroy-a-property-other-than-our-own" friends. I want to be within-driving-distance-without-having-to-stop-at-truckstops friends.

<3 that Superman and Lois Lane wait for the bubbles to come to them while the other lunatics charge after and kill the bubbles. I'm going to miss 3/7 of this bubble loving group very, very much.

*sigh* Moving on...


We're moving. By months end, we will have a new temporary residence. I don't even want to type out the whole plan b/c it will probably change by the time I publish this very post.

Complete and total ADD moment, I noticed yesterday that big kids have smaller toys. A fact that makes my heart go pitter pat as I anticipate the forest of cardboard that is about to take over our house. Small toys fit in small spaces. Big toys fit in consignment stores.

In other news, also somewhat related/somewhat ADD moment...I will be homeschooling the boys this year. If you have any opinions about that, please email them to me at:          


On the horizon for Felix is: Horizons Kindergarten for math & english, Rosetta Stone German, sharing science/history with whatever we pick for Simon as they aren't a requirement yet, but something he'll totally love.
For Simon: Math U See & Rosetta Stone German are the only two things we have set thus far. Any advice would be great on the other subjects! Sean found a science and history set at a store recently, but I can't remember the names of either. It's crazy overwhelming, but in a much better way than it was in the past.

Life is good, life is simple. We're cutting down on the clutter and just trying to make it through our lives effectively and simply. We eat simply, we are making our finances simpler, I'm giving/tossing/consigning stuff like crazy. There's just too much and I'm starting to see the light at the end of a whole bunch of tunnels. We're sacrificing some things to come out on top in the future. Sean is soooooooooo close to getting in to school, hearing answers, seeing results. My photography thing is right where I want it to be for now. The kids are awesome. I'm excited about the future. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed 99% of the time, but I'm loving it.

We're in a good place.


Corey said...

Hello my friend! I am going to email you about homeschooling! But at your real address not that super awesome fake one lol! Our curriculum choices are quite similar :-) we are enjoying summer too. It's harder to want to blog for sure. I'm glad you did!

Jude said...

i tried that e-mail address and it bounced back... ;)

Brown English Muffin said...

LMAO at Jude and her bounce back email!!!

I love good places and I love decluttering....