Friday, July 08, 2011

layouts & PL

I haven't scrapbooked in for-ever. It's been the longest stretch of not telling stories since I started this hobby eight years ago. Something about having to sort, toss and pack up an entire room of supplies lit a fire.
I feel like there are a lot of stories I skipped, so I'm going back now and playing catch up with old pictures. I miss the kids I'm finding in the box of pictures; a newborn Titus, a 4 year old Felix and a toothless Simon. Man, they grow up fast.

Week 11: The last day in Boston+the last day with Lauren & my mom+notes from Grandma to the kids+the ticket stub to get to the gate to see the soldier mamas return:

Week 12: Father's Day + bowling + swimming with friends + Harris family pix

 Week 13: Deployment send off + Houseguests+ dinner with friends + notes from neighbors + Superman.

And with that, I am off to find some more inspiration so I can document our stories!


Jude said...

ugh, you make me sick! i haven't scrapped since before christmas, and like you, this is my longest stretch ever... maybe cleaning up my space will work for me too! ;)

nicole said...

awesome!! love them. and really makes me want to scrap!!