Saturday, July 09, 2011


Between swim classes, the teachers congregate under a tree and take a tiny little break in the shade. Yesterday, my middlest took it upon himself to comment, loudly, as another swim instructor walked by,
"Well, I guess my teacher wants to sit around and eat brownies all day."
Hearing the laughter of the passer-by teacher, I didn't assume she would keep such hilarity to herself and got, "It's a plum, Felix, not a brownie!" from the teacher's corner. No harm, no foul, she said she was going to write it down so she would always remember him. Luckily, she gets one more week with my little comedian.

Today has been a busy day. We sold the kiddos bunk bed this morning, their wooden swing set this afternoon, with haircuts in between. We sold our bed yesterday and Felix's dresser the day before. What once held some inherent value to me is now just a moving obstacle. Something I have to help lift(or at least hold the door for) in the bazillion degree weather. Luckily, most of it was IKEA and never meant to withstand one move, let alone however many times we've moved in the last four years.

Tito's crib is supposed to go tomorrow. That's the only one I'm having a tough time with. I was kinda hoping the lady wouldn't call back. :/

We're in overdrive now as Sean is supposed to talk with some higher ups on Monday to figure out the when and wheres of his next deployment. He got the heads up call last night. Fun times.

I almost wish it was one of those four day notice deployments again.


Corey said...

Oh dang, you really did sell every. thing. !!
Felix just cracks me up. He seems very middle child to me.
I really hope you guys get a little time to prepare for this deployment. I can not imagine the stress you all must be going through right now.

Jude said...

it must be hard to sell off your stuff, but you are wise not to get too attached. The crib would do me in too!! :(
Hadji would make that exact comment too. Please tell me you will come stay with us long enough to have plenty of stories of them together!?!?! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Felix has a moth on him...he truly is the reason I'm at work constantly laughing out loud like a maniac!!

Chrissy do you sell your stuff on Craigslist? I have a bunch of crap not stuff that i need to sell but i was going to do eBay???