Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday: things I am currently laughing about

1. Titus the Pooh
Titus snuggled up next to me the other day... "I poop. In my pants. Not in the pah-y. I not poop in the pah-y. Nee-a diaper shange." He was very nonchalant during the exchange. Almost to point of challenging me in a, "What's your plan, Ma? How you gonna handle this?" way.

I do believe I finally have a two year old that is more stubborn than I.

I bought charactered cotton yesterday.

We'll see who wins this battle.

(As a happy sidenote, the kids verbal skills are off the chain!)

2. A response from Kraft regarding their relationship with Senoymyx using fetal cells from aborted babies for flavor profiling(read about it here). Laughing in an it's-not-funny way. I won't post their response b/c it's lame, but here is the second letter I wrote them, in response:

"Your response was completely generic and while I appreciate the time it took you to write it, I can see that Kraft employees are not allowed to generate an original response.

Obviously, my concerns as a consumer are not appreciated or understood. With a response such as this, it is clear that the use of murdered babies for the sake of food flavoring is more important than integrity, morals, or conscience.

The whole situation and relationship with Senomyx reads like science fiction.

I sincerely hope more consumers discover just what it is mega corporations like Kraft are up to. I, for one, will not sign my family up as lab rats for your experiments by consuming your products.
C. A."

3. Rain! It has rained two whole times this week. I can't help but laugh as my windshield wipers struggle with the thought of having to move. People were riding down the road, hanging out their windows to feel the wet. Kinda strange, totally Texan.

4. A phone exchange with Sean: We figured out our phones have a walky-talky feature that doesn't use minutes. The only down side is that you're on speaker. :) I asked him to run by the grocery store while I stopped to get gas since we were in separate cars with the kids split up. I was telling him my list yada yada yada. As we were ending the call, I did the obnoxious version of my good-bye:

"Bye Sean, I looooooooove you."
Sean, rush-edly, with little emotion: "Love you, too."
"Bye Simon! I loooooooooooove you!"
Simon, rush-edly, with little emotion, "Love you, too."
"Byyyyyyyyyyye Felix!!! I looooooooooove you!!!" with escalating loudness and really dragging out all the syllables.
Felix, quietly,"Bye, Mommy."

It was then that I proceeded to make obnoxious kissy noises aimed at the three of them into the phone. Another problem with the walky talky feature is that as long as I have the button pushed down, I can't hear what they're saying.

That's when I get, Sean, quietly, exasperated-ly, "Ok, Chrissy, I'm in the store. Shut. Up." I could actually hear the other shoppers at that point. My bad.

5. Telling Felix, "Honey, un-do the top button, you look like a serial killer."

6. Felix has also developed the habit of laughing hysterically when he's in trouble. It is aggravating as crap b/c it gets me tickled and then I really have a hard time laying down the law. Sean said he did it when he was a kid, too. That fact doesn't let Felix get away with it, but at least it's noted that disrespect could be hereditary. It's really funny when he's in trouble with one of us and we're being a parent while the other one of us sits behind him laughing. Ever try to lecture a giggly five year old while his father sits behind him laughing, too? Actually, I haven't. It was me laughing behind Felix and Sean trying to be the serious parent. Imagine that.

7. Watching these two interact. They're like a little old married couple. He resists her every attempt for affection and she insists on being boss. It's adorable.
Titus takes a turn at Emery's Hair Salon. He didn't really grasp what she meant by, "Ponytails," but he did like the scalp massage.

8. Simon's negotiating skills. They make me smile more than laugh. He took a boatload of change to the bank to exchange for cash. It baffles me that he is able to carry on conversations with adults without seeming like a kid. We've done something right, b/c that kid is awesome. He took his cash and bought a lego set with it. He was going to buy an ounce of silver, but after much(muchmuchmuchmuch) debate, he decided the legos were more important than investing for the future. Sean got to see his tender heart in action as he sacrificed 1/3 of his money so Felix could get a lego set, too. In the end, Sean bought Felix's after seeing such generosity from the boy. :D

9. The thought of moving makes me laugh. Out loud. Hysterically. One week and three days. I am so ready to be done with this house and all our stuff, but the process of getting from point A to a point that is so far beyond the alphabet is kinda daunting right now. So I laugh. And scrapbook. And bake cookies. And do anything that doesn't involve packing or preparing in any way. Because that's how I like to do things. Somehow, I manage. Somehow, it does eventually all get done.

10. The one problem with potty training is that he's figured out what a great bedtime stall tactic it is to shout, "I need-a POOP!" right as his head hits the pillow. Of course! He grabbed the book completely on his own with no prompting from me. SO funny. :D

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Corey said...

1. All three of your boys have a cleverness about them. they are so funny!
2. this whole thing makes me sick. I hardly ever buy anything "boxed" anymore but I do have one lone blue box sitting in the cupboard. I'm gonna throw it out.
I like your response by the way :)
3. I had my heater on last week! We'll take your heat over here please. (no rain though, thanks)
4. haha! I do that to Pete too, when he's at work.
5. He does look a little serial killer-ish LOL!! I finally got Jake to stop doing that with his shirts.
6. Oh I don't know what I'd do if my kid flat out laughed at me. I don't know if I'd go all Mommy Dearest or laugh too.
7. They are very cute the both of them.
8. Oh, what a nice kid he is!
9. It's called procrastination and avoidance. I'm very good at both so I recognize it when I see it. ;-)
10.He really is a clever one. He's either gonna go for it or fight you all the way.