Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ten on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: the Did you know? edition

I have a photo blog? I have a Facebook page, too?
We're moving in 25 23 days?
I thrive(though I also tend to lash out homicidally at the man I love most) while under pressure?
I'm moving home(South Carolina home) during Sean's next deployment?
July 4th makes San Antonio drivers even less capable of...well, everything that involves operating a motor vehicle?
My boys started swim lessons today two days ago?
I'm really, really, really gonna miss my neighbors friends that live in my neighborhood?
I'm super excited to homeschool? Seems odd, eh?
It still blows my mind that my kids are old enough to have friends stay the night?
I've been trying to put this simple, ten line post together for three days?


Corey said...

I think I knew almost all of that...except the photo looks great!

Corey said...

ps...did you want to see some of the workbook pages from Singapore 2B? let me know and I'll send you some :)

Jude said...

I am excited for your move. I am excited for the SC trip. I will be reeeeally excited when you say you got your tickets for September ;)

nicole said...

me too on the september tickets!!

love the list...might have to steal it for a quick blog post this week.

Brown English Muffin said...

Chrissy I seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD....I read the post THEN the title....the "Did you know Edition" had me laughing out should do stand up comedy!!