Tuesday, July 26, 2011


1-3. If you've been a long time reader, you know just how much we love moving. It's become a favorite pastime; a hobby, if you will.*

Even the kids get in on the action. We are all about some cardboard in this family. Tito Burrito when we moved in. He was just a baby! :(
Tito Burrito now. Man, it goes by so fast.

4. We are three days away from a new address. Not cool as I put the change of address request in yesterday. Also not cool as I put in the wrong address. No worries, I've made this mistake a-plenty.

5. The two bigs have been attending two Vacation "Bible" Schools this week. I put Bible in quotations as there hasn't been a whole lot-a schooling related to the Bible, according to the kiddos.

6. They have been schooled in what NOT to eat by yo yo Ma. They haven't listened, of course. What five year old do you know that would say no to a "Cupcake! With blue icing! WITH LICORICE ON TOP!!" I swear, they knew they were twisting a knife in my heart and they said it with more joy than needed. I hate that I have to lecture my children on making wise food choices. They shouldn't be put into the position that they have to question what it being put in front of them by an adult in charge. I DOUBLE hate that adults in charge are so. freaking. stupid GRR(in the area of food anyways). There. I said it. I need to break this into two points...

7. I understand kid functions are supposed to be fun. What I don't understand is why the food at kid functions has to be so ridiculous. I mean, really. REALLY? Cupcakes? My hopes were peaked yesterday when I asked what the snack was, "Graham crackers."

"Oh," my heart thought, "that's not... as bad."

followed up by: "With great big blobs of icing on it & candy stuck in the blobs."

Of course.

8. I've been putting personal messages on the boxes that I'm not strong enough to carry. I'm hoping it'll keep the men folk from dropping my heavy goods.

*I'm being facetious, moving is purely of the devil.


picture this said...

Oh Chrissy.
I feel your pain in the whole moving thing...done it way too many times...and I agree it is of the devil. Totally agree with you on the food thing too. I haven't figured out why snack time at kids functions= junk food!!! Love the pictures of your little one in the box..they definitely grow up too fast. I've been thinking about you a lot lately. If there is anything I can do for you from up here in lovely(saying that with a little sarcasm) NE, just let me know. Where are you guys headed? Is Sean deploying again? Talk to you again soon. Cherith

nicole said...

oh my word. i love the message on the box!! and how can mr.t be so big already?!?!

Brown English Muffin said...

I hope you didn't have evil movers...they'd drop those personally messaged boxes deliberately!!

Graham Crackers with icing you have to be kidding me!!! And I want you to know that there is a kid that would turn down a cup cake...my dh just yesterday asked for a slice of this strawberry moussed sheet cake (a la costco) that we'd bought for her baptism....she took one bite and gave it back and asked for a bowl of cherries!! That a girl!!!