Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1. Don't know if I can make it to ten today. I really have nothing of interest to say(ever or today). I will try.
2. A good portion of the day has been total crap. Complete with crying and an email argument.
3. Another portion of the day was wonderful, though, and I'm reminded how lucky I am to have good friends.
4. My kids have been whining and fighting a lot today, contributing to point #2.
5. Our property manager didn't respond to our latest attempt at resolution, contributing to point #2. I wanted to call him at several points throughout my day, but I have a feeling I would've said some things I'd come to regret.
6. I've been reading through the New Testament in an orderly fashion(vs skipping around) and my new favorite books are 1&2 Timothy. They just make sense. It sucks to see so many modern churches portraying exactly what Paul warned against.
7. Photoshoot tomorrow. Newborn baby girl. Building resolve now. :)
8. The weather is supposed to be changing soon. Everyone is getting excited for a high of 97-99, only 92 on Thursday, though. REALLY looking forward to Thursday.
9. I had to get the kids up early this morning to have the car inspected. A 7:30 a.m. Texas is only slightly cooler than a 4 p.m. Texas. That said, my kids wanted me to turn on "warm air" in the car. It's almost funny.
10. Hey, I made it to ten! Oh, oh, you'll notice no food rants on this post. I am going to attempt a special post each week dedicated specifically to food. Food Friday did not appeal to me nearly as much as Fat Friday. Plus, it incorporates Sean's idea of calling it, "Why are you so Fat Friday?"without sounding nearly as rude. I want to post recipes and ideas and health tips and this-vs-that suggestions. It may not work out as I'm losing interest pretty quickly in social media and blogging altogether, but...maybe.

Happy Tuesday!


Jude said...

hang in there!! so great to chat with you today! :)

kimrairdon said...

So you can't stop blogging! I so often find myself laughing out loud at your posts! More often than not you make me think/see things in a way I haven't looked at them yet :)

Oh...I meant to tell you. After I got my NLT bible 1 and 2 Timothy were the first things I read and I think it was the first time in my life that I got really excited about reading the bible :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Wow now I have something else to look forward to on Fridays!!! I'm thinking about joining CSA. I found a local pick up spot...I'm very excited. http://www.goldenearthworm.com

Corey said...

i would definitely look forward to your food fridays!
I'm really sorry your day was crappy. and i'm sorry you guys have to go through this. the whole thing is crazy.