Tuesday, August 23, 2011


--My kids eat beets.

This was discovered last night upon placing quail, roasted rosemary red potatoes and beets in front of them. I had to play stingy with them to get T to eat 'em and Felix had to gulp them down in one bite, but...they ate 'em. I think that makes them pretty rad.

--While on the subject of food, I have gotten tons of encouraging emails regarding my last couple of posts and I thank you all for them. Apparently, I was being too hard on myself and you guys know me well enough to hear my tone. Added to that, two emails specifically said it was because of my food rants that they are now eating healthier, organically and locally. That makes seven emails(over the last two months). SEVEN families eating healthier because I'm crazy over the top about just how bad our food supply is and how easy it is to change. I guess in the grand scheme of things, seven is nothing, but if those seven families, influence/inform seven families, and then those seven families...

--Again on food...we took the recommendation of one of my farmers to try a certain restaurant in Hondo. B-A-R-F. I knew the second we sat down it was a bad idea. If we hadn't driven 40 minutes to get there, we probably would've left. At the salad bar, I turned and gave Sean a look. "Don't be like that. Find SOMETHING you can eat."-he said. "You'll see." was my reply.

Brown cheddar ain't my thang. The $16 shrimp...I'm the idiot for buying seafood in Texas, I suppose. Either way, I just could not stomach it. I felt sick the entire way home. I just think it's hilarious that my stomach is picky now. Picky for healthy food. The same girl that never gave a thought to anything I ate so long as it was soaking up ranch dressing or honey mustard. If the two years ago me could see me now!

--Sean has been sticking his phone in my face, snapping pictures of me for the last ten minutes. The punk is playing with FatBooth on his phone. Evil.
--I can admit to having a little tinge of jealous while reading through the first day of school posts on FB yesterday. However, I read said posts at 8:30 while waiting on my little students to wake up for the day. I'm pretty sure that jealousy will wane in the weeks to come when everyone else is still getting up at 6 o'clock in the morning.

--One tiny downside to living in a tiny space with tiny little leprechauns...they can reach everything. I went to snatch a batch out of the oven and turned around to see this one shoving cookies into his mouth as fast as he could:

 He was not happy about the mess the chocolate made of his hands.

--I made the cookies using that same Southern Living recipe my friend got me hooked on, but I was out of eggs. Being out of eggs is kinda a big deal for me, because I can't just run to the store for more. I would rather not eat eggs than eat grocery store eggs. Yup, even the organic, free range eggs. If you'd like to know more as to why, I'd be happy to send some links. :D Anyways, I already had the craving in my gut for some chocolate chip cookies.

I ended up calling in a sub. 1TBSP of flax meal + 3 TBSP of water=1 egg. It gives a slightly nutty flavor, but in baked goods, it works. I don't think I'd use it in everyday cooking, but for baking, heck yeah.

--While I have some pictures in mind, complete with Fall clothes, this is the best we can do with our 108 degree day. They were already in their pjs, hence the knee down shots. Although, truth be told, we do school in our pjs most days...

--This boy is waiting on his birthday for his own DSi. For now, he takes what he can get when his big brother is feeling gracious(NOT OFTEN!).

--While on the subject of people I love, Simon has recently become acquainted with a friend of mine. He's known OF her for quite some time, but this past Wednesday, she engaged in a deep conversation about Lego building with my boy. Suddenly, "Mr. Kent's wife" and "Campbell's mom" has her very own name. And it has come up very, very frequently this week, all pertaining to legos, of course. :D


Brown English Muffin said...

Come on pass over that link then!!! I want to know what the heck that eggs been putting in my stomach!!! LOL And you say not even organic free range...yikes!!!

Corey said...

your kids eat beets?! i won't even eat them!
titus is soooo cuuuttee! chocolaty fingers and all.
love the school pics. we do school in our jammies most days too :)
Oh and that substitute for eggs...im never at a loss for eggs these days, but it's good to know! i may just try it just to see.
Felix's face is hilarious! he knows how silly he is, doesn't he? :) Megan wants a DSi for her bday too. But she can share with Jake! What's your kids' favorite game? Mine both love Mario Cart and Lightning McQueen. Jake likes Harry Potter Lego a lot too.

Melissa said...

wow. beets.
they are just the coolest kids ever.

Jude said...

beets? really? they taste like DIRT!! I did use them to make a lovely (and all natural to boot!) lip gloss in high school... ;p
LOVE the T cookie shots! miss you!!